Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Diane and Miki With Coffee Cups at the Bistro

Bird Lane and Family Gathering Around The Dining Table

The first afternoon of Miki and Kevin's visit - we went out to Lost River to see the old homestead.  Expected high water since we had just had a deluge (3.5 inches) Saturday night.  And high water is what we got - stopped us from going any further than Charlie Atkison's south pasture there in front of his barn.  Felt just like old times.  Choose not to hike the hills but rather wait till another visit to show Kevin where Miki spent some of her growing up years.  Top photo: Bird Lane right there at the turn off of Rusk Road, now known as Butler Bridge Road.  Did notice that the county put up a brand spanking new stop sign at the end of Bird Lane.  Second photo:  Kevin, Miki, Eric, Diane and Lucas at the dining table.  Eric was the bearer of the goodies, bringing down a box full of donuts from Colleen.  Don't know if Diane (btw, that's her starting off a new decade, her 70th birthday) is trying to get into the box or is holding down the lid.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Payton Waving To Kayla and Diane, and Kayla

In beautiful downtown Loogootee earlier today.

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