Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mystery Golfers

More mystery golfers. From our Senior League.

More than ten up now.

Thursday Shot of the Day

Picture: Morris, Pam, Helen and Leroy at Lakeside after play today. And a couple of the more perfectly rounded of our many round bellies out there today.

Results are up and Charlie Sheetz remains on top. Lots of good scores today. More later.

Update 2:15pm:

-Rayhill and Hudson still on top of team standings but Lannan/Harper team and Norris/Potts team nipping at their heels.
-Jack Lents and Jim Bateman shoot a net 55 as a team - super day for them: Jack a 39, Jim a 42 gross.
-Wayne Pearl also shoots a 39 (1st sub 40 round, Wayne?) and a net 26 for low in that category.
-the Cannelburg duo come in with 37's - Mike Anderson and Albert Kavanaugh.
-Mike Bird a sterling 34 and low gross for the day.
-sharpshooters: Mike Anderson, Al Kavanaugh and Dave Brown on the par 3's; Diane Bird had the longest putt on #8.
-Morris Cornelius and Leroy Streepy had excellent rounds as my opponents, shooting net 32 and 33.
-you must see Morris's new putter, which btw is working very well for him. It is hugh. Color it red and call it the side of the barn coming along to hit the ball for him.
-Charlie Sheetz been consistently shooting in the 52 area for a couple of weeks now. Staying on top and his handicap below 20 now. Watch out, Charlie; the guys and gals are coming after you.
-good stuff out there today.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Mid-week Stuff

Tuesday Men Note:

Did you notice that Terry Padgett and Dave Wininger shot 69's in the 18 hole Indiividual Handicapped Tournament? Only two that came in under par. That's impressive.

Under Reported Stories:

Visited Mother and came upon this link which gave me a list of what some group considers the most under reported stories of 2007. One that caught my eye was the one suggesting that the WTC buildings were brought down by explosions and not the fires created by the airplane crashes (#18 in the list). Hmmmm. And how about #24: Chaney's Halliburton Stock Rose Over 3000% last year. I'm sure whatever the VP has in the way of stock is in a blind trust so no way could he have influenced an increase in his own wealth. In fact, like me, I am sure he is kicking himself for not insisting that his wife and children invest heavily in said stock. Oops, it's all stock options and he says he will donate any after tax profits to a charity of his choice. I see. Completely above board. Right.

Community League:

Saw the leaders of the pack out there today, that being Clyde Wake and Bob Norris. Oma and Lucas Bird also played - Diane reports that Lucas got his first par and shot under 60 for the first time too. Morris and son Mark Cornelius were also out playing around in the earlier part of the morning. Wanda Haag and Susie Chanley were out yesterday and insisted they were ready to make their move. Kim Jones out with hubby and Mike Albertson and did well.

Lyme Disease:

Nurse Wanda getting after me to see my doctor about sores left over from errant ticks. One of them anyway. This year I have attracted the tiny ones, the dear deer ones, the dangerous ones that transmit Lyme disease. One of the symptoms is feeling 'draggy' - Nurse Wanda asked spouse Diana if I was acting draggy to which spouse Diana replied that I always acted draggy. Hmmm. Go here for more on Lyme Disease.

Heading back to the greensward. Might be a great night to play a little golf. First a little mowing though. Senior League tomorrow. Movie tonight.

Wednesday Stuff

Things on the horizon:

-Long Ball Contest
-Senior Fun Scramble
-Mystery Golfer Revelations
-More sub par rounds, more 32's

Heading to the golf course. Eric and Lucas already there getting things ship shape. Guess the world is still turning. Haven't seen anything on Gonzales in a while. Wolfowitz whining. Fitzgerald back in the news with the Plame sentencing just around the corner - I suggest twenty years with a fine of forty gazillion dollars. Cavs have evened their series with the Pistons - go Cavs. Should have Netflix movies in the mail today. And I see the Notre Dame Irish football team is back in the news - a fight for the QB job? Hmmm.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mystery Golfers

Picture: Our 10th mystery golfer.

Will get them all on one page and put up a list of 15 names so you can try your luck at matching them up.

Tuesday Shot of the Day

Picture: Lee Wininger after his first tee shot on #1.

Lets do it again. A couple of guys already out there - Tom McAtee and Mike Smith. Tom put one on the green at #3, put his name down on the marker and then three putted. Grrrrr. More as the day goes on.

Update 8:50 pm:

-Grrrr. Can't get into my server to post the reports. Will try later.
-Short Jeffers shot a 32 - 1st of the season. Verrrry cool.
-Dave Wininger not far behind with a 33.
-Terry Padgett and Phil Eyler had 34's.
-Mike Kidwell a 35.
-Super shooting by the big guys.

-Mark Jones had low net with a 28, followed closely by Joe Allen with a 29.

-Chris Hogan and Mark Jones won the Individual Handicapped Tournament with scores of 61.
-More later from home.

-Opps. Almost forgot. John Foddrill bumps Charlie Lyon from the top spot. Charlie in second now.

Update 11pm:

-Reports are up. Pretty good night of golf - lots of low scores. Note gross average is down a full stroke to 42.92.
-Curt Johnson had a 41. Curt and Kevin are happy.
-Mark Jones had a 39 gross; first sub 40 round, I think.
-Sharpshooters: Tyler Kidwell, Phil Eyler (again), Scott Arthur, and Short Jeffers.
-More tomorrow maybe. Add comments of your own in the comments section.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Community League

Picture: 'Grand' Community League members Oma and Lucas Bird.

Results are up for week 2. More comments later.

Update 5:45pm:

-The big news this past week for the Community League was Bob Walton's Hole-in-One on #2 last Saturday afternoon. What a special moment for Bob. He and Tyler had a very good day of golf, coming in with a 39 (low senior) and a 37 (low men). Super.
-Eric Bird improved his score by ten strokes with his 40 and is now down where he normally would be.
-Same for Wilma Bateman who is playing much better since she had her eye poked - being able to see makes a hugh difference.
-Clyde Wake and Bob Norris continue their torrid pace and got the low net score for the week, a 61. They lead the team standings and are one two in the individual standings. Wisened veterans.
-Wanda Haag and Susie Chanley repeated their scores of week one and wondered what the odds of that happening were. Otherwise, they weren't too thrilled about their scores.
-Jim Ader and Jeff Brookshire shared low net for the men with 31's.
-Matt Tucker got low net for the juniors and shared the low gross with Jared Butcher.
-good stuff going on in the Community League.

Memorial Day Monday

Picture: The Way Out (from our place)

LeBron turns on the afterburners, Cavs win. The author of the linked story sees big things for this 21st century Jesse James gunslinger, even the MJ title as best basketball player ever eventually. I was slow to appreciate Michael in the early 90's but came to agree that he is the greatest ever. Will be fun to watch LeBron over the next ten years.

Still like the spunk of Rory Sabbitini who won at the Colonial yesterday by sinking a 15 foot birdie putt on the first extra hole. Still sticking to his earlier statement about playing with Tiger even though, like so many others, he rolled over and died when actually paired with him. Here's something unusual: the tournament had three leaders at start of play yesterday and ended regular play with the same three still tied for the lead (Furyk and Langer being the other two). Won't see that happen too much I don't expect.

Diane and Eric at the golf course right now, getting things started. Later on today will post the reports for the Community League, week 2. Eric and Colleen came out late yesterday afternoon, played in the rain, and shot a collective eleven strokes better than they did the first week. More good stuff later once I compile the reports (of course, you remember Bob Walton's double eagle on #2, right?).

Go golf. It's good for you and everything that might ail you though we do ask that you check all your troubles (in your old kit-bag, of course) at the clubhouse.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Sunday Funnies

Big John Foddrill just arrived with Jackie. Going to treat her to a round of golf. Bless him. And her. No Grace today - spending time with grandparents.

Watched some of the Indy 500 with Marty. The pre race show had a warm reception and even warmer celebration of the three woman drivers in this year's race. Makes me wonder when the PGA will be mature enough to do the same thing for those women with the skills to play golf at that level. Certainly not mature enough yet. Maybe Michelle Wie and some of these other young lady guns will both try and succeed at breaking down the gender barriers.

And, speaking of young lady guns, Young Kim won the Corning Classic.

Had a golfer from Bedford just report that there was a big young golfer out here plastering the ball, hitting it loooooong. John Fisher, the young gun in question, had just been in the clubhouse maybe fifteen minutes before telling me he might be onto something. Maybe getting things to click, to fall into place. Guess maybe they are. John has been working at it pretty steady from way back when it was still cold and miserable out here. (Secret: he desperately wants to beat his older brother who keeps collecting on bets made on the course - little brother John always has to buy the drinks.)

Hey, it's been a good weekend so far. A little rain to keep the dust down, and the temperature too. And to think we still have Monday. BTW, that's Memorial Day. Go honor the fallen (throughout the world) by making it easier for your neighbor to make it through the day.

Update 6:50pm: Hey! Ashley Judd's husband wins the 500. Wow! Haven't thought of her, or seen her, in a long time. Will have to check out her lastest movie at Netflix. (I'm happy for her - bet she was a sight to see next to her hubby on the champion's stand, or whatever they call it in racing.)

Sunday Funnies

Picture: Early morning today at our neighbor's place. As far as I know, unholy cows.

Just completed a short online survey for Polling Point. One of the questions had to do with whether or not the US Government should negotiate drug prices with drug suppliers. Hmmm. That's a tough one. But you know that the opposite is currently the policy. Up is down, hot is cold, black is white. Interesting times we live in.

On the LPGA Tour, three tied for the lead at the Corning Classic - Creamer, Kim and Bader. Creamer due for a win.

Jazz beat Spurs. Ho hum...

Diane and #1 son Marty went to Bloomington yesterday and bought a new tv for our house on the hill. One of those HD and LCD thingees. Marty took the time to set it all up - his knowledge base on electronics is 10000 times larger than mine, 9000 times larger than Diane's. We are amazed at what we now can see in our own living room. HD is verrrry impressive.

Course is in great shape - #2 son Eric and Jim Bateman over there now running the show. And you already know that #2 green is passing out favors in a very generous way - an ace for a Dave last week, an ace for a Bob yesterday. Who's next? Mike? Joe? You? Head on over and give it your best shot. Anything can happen and most of it is good. Right?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Holy Cow! Bob Walton Aces #2

Picture: Bob Walton just after his ace on #2 this afternoon.

Bob Walton, playing his Community League round with son Tyler, and in company with several other family members, surprised himself and everybody else in his party when his grandson Tucker went over to see if his tee shot had gone in the hole at Lakeview's #2 green. Tucker looked in, then looked back at PawPaw and said, "Yup". So, here we go again. It was just last Saturday morning that Dave Wininger threw one down at #2. Now Bob Walton. Holy Cow! Two double eagles at this par 4 within eight days! Unparalleled! Unheard of! Amazing! Life is just plum full of serendipity. And that is very cool.

BTW, Bob and son Tyler finished their round at 39 and 37. Pretty good shooting by this dynamic duo. Also, this is the Community League's first hole-in-one, first of many we would hope.

Denson Team Stops Wininger's Run

The results:

1. Doug Denson/Tyler Kidwell/Tony Wease/Lee Wininger/Shirley Jeffers (-7)
2. Mike Bird/Wayne Souerdike/Greg Potts/Kevin Byron (-7)
3. Junior Byron/Tim Miller/Larry Hembree/Kent Summers/Joe Doyle (-6)
4. Mike Kidwell/Jake Strange/Joe Allen/Bryant Trambaugh (-6)
5. Dave Wininger/Trenton Kidwell/Abe Knepp/Joe Tucker (-6)

Denson Team wins on the card draw (honorary card drawer: Dave Wininger)

Note the team with the beauty got the prize, guys. Bring more next week and we'll check out that supposition. Shirley, the beauty, also got the hole prize on #1 with a putt that missed going in the hole by a cup's width. Tyler Kidwell's long, long drive got them in that enviable position. Other sharp shooters: new papa Bryant Trambaugh chipped in one on #5 for an eagle and the hole prize; Tyler Kidwell stuck one on #7 that just nipped a close shot by Greg Potts; and Wayne Souerdike settled things early with his shot on #9 - 1st one on the green and it held all the way around. Close scramble match this week. More next week, of course.

The skin match is ongoing. Ten of them going for the skin pot. Update later.

Update 1:10pm:

Net eagle on #1 got a skin for Tyler Kidwell; net eagle on #6 got a skin for Doug Denson. Looks like a net birdie on #8 was a skin but went unclaimed (or maybe it wasn't the only net birdie). Oh well...

Saturday Scramble and Skins

Yes Virginia there will be a scramble and skin match on Memorial Weekend Saturday. Same time, same place. Hope to see you there.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Movie Time

Pictures; Two of our ace putters at yesterday's goings on: Helen Streepy and Joe Gray.

Yes we did get our movies in in spite of all the other things going on right now. My selection was from India, Bombay, and had to do with the cross cultural love affair between a Hindu and a Muslim which was further complicated by the 1992 violent disruptions between the two groups. Wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be but did include dance and song, love and duty, and of course a pretty graphic rendition of men's violence towards each other. I gave it a three on a scale of five, pretty mediocre. Diane watched some of it but not much; did stop in and watch the musical part of it a time or two.

Her selection, and she admitted that she got it 'cause she knew it would get me mad (can you believe that?): Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election. And it did make me mad all over again though this time it was directed more at the Democrats for letting it happen. Dupas... The shenanigans we put up. And of course we then have to live with the consequences. And boy do we have consequences this time. Why did you do this to me, Diane? The year 2000? I'm better off sticking with TR and 1888; far less painful to read of man's folly when it is of a time long ago than of the more recent variety. (I wonder if part of the pain is because we can see how it could have been so different if just this one thingee hadn't happened just this way, or this other thingee had... well, you get the idea - maybe we feel a little responsible for the recent past and not responsible at all for the more distant past.)

BTW, what is yesterday's news? Wait a minute, I remember - something about a Charlie sticking it to his buddies out at the greensward north of town. Ah, yes, it all comes back. Saw him out there again this morning, sharpening his weapons of choice.

Marty, #1 son, coming down for the night (there is a graduation in the family) and to play golf. The wisdom of the young.

Friday Follies

Already spent my time on the big tractor. Grandson Lucas is out there mowing the fairways; Eric mowing and watering the greens and then cutting new cups. And the golfers are wandering in: Steve Arvin for the first time this year - finally he gets to play a little golf. Some USG League players. A few Community League players. The Henning boys and the Fischer boys too. And of course, Charlie Sheetz, our latest champion, hooking up with Curt Johnson who has been away for the last several days. Conditions are good - not too hot, a little cloud cover on occasion. Better grab a friend and come on over and say hello before you head out on the course. I'll be back later with more pictures and maybe a comment on the state of the world - it's still turning and that is a good sign.

(Heard on the news the Pistons won again, squeaking out another low scoring win. Come on, LeBron, turn on the afterburners...)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mystery Golfers

Pictures: More mystery golfers - both in the Senior League.

Thursday Shot of the Day

Here we go again. A new day. A new challenge. Charlie Sheetz has a commanding lead in the Individual Handicapped Tournament but a good day by any of several contenders could see the trophy slip away from Charlie. No predictions from me though Charlie has new confidence in his big driver after his practice sessions these last two days. (Unlike the Charlie over in the Tuesday Men's League, this Charlie thrives on getting out and playing at least once a day and on occasion a second outing in the evening.) Another lovely day in store for all of us so no complaints there and no excuses either. Got the chipping and putting contest to start things off this morning; then golf; then a feed. So, get your britches on, saddle up and head on out to the greens just north of town and don't forget to pack your A game.

Update 2:45:

-Charlie Sheetz fires a net 30 and hangs on to win the Individual Handicapped Tournament with a 57.
-2nd place - Bob Norris with a 59.
-great tournament for these two guys with the small stature and the big sticks.
-Putting contest: Al Kavanaugh stepped up right after Mike Anderson had put his putt in the lead and rolled one closer to win.
-Chipping contest: Jack Butcher hit the stick and robbed Kenny Hudson of the chipping prize.

More later - check out all the scores at the website.

Update 10pm:

-Helen Streepy subbed with me and put on quite a performance, making several lengthy puts and hitting the ball solid all day long.
-the Pam blackberry cobbler was delicious, as were the Trinkle homemade cupcakes; hope you all enjoyed the array of food brought in by you all.
-the team of Rayhill and Hudson continue to trash their opposition.
-sharpshooters for the event included Mike Bird on #3 (I used a Rex Hudson trick - land short and run it on); Bob Norris on #7; and John Chapman on both #8 and #9.
-Charlie remains on top of the individual standings and John Chapman moves from fourth to second.
-low net team score belonged to Sam Potts and Bob Norris with a 58.
-George Foster and Bob Norris shared the low net round with 28's.
-as usual, good stuff.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mad as Hell

Bully for Keith Olbermann for calling a spade a spade and saying to both the president and the democrats: shame on you. (thanks to dKos for the heads up.) From the link:

The entire government has failed us on Iraq

For the president, and the majority leaders and candidates and rank-and-file Congressmen and Senators of either party—there is only blame for this shameful, and bi-partisan, betrayal

Mystery Golfers

Picture: Another senior league golfer.

Monica, oh Monica, what is it you say?

Monica speaketh, says she "crossed the line". Hmmm. Anybody else want to admit "crossing the line"? I can think of a few who should step forward and confess. If confession is honest and contrition is sincere, then penance will be light. Maybe stand with nose in circle on the blackboard for the duration of the second term. Fair?

Going to have to stop reading the papers - too much bad news. Today anyway. Maybe some light at the end of the tunnel - I'll go look at the sports pages.

I knew that I would find something to cheer me up: Wie to play in John Deere for 3rd straight year. Good for her. And Annika is coming back too.

More Mystery Golfers later tonight.

Mystery Golfers

Picture: Here's another one of our mystery golfers.

News from Washington: War to continue; no timelines, no benchmarks, blank check being sent to White House. Grrrrrr. War is stupid and deadly. Jeesh. It does not have to be this way, folks.

Diane just told me that #1 son, Marty, called to remind her that twenty-five years ago today he graduated from high school. The Shoals News helps us to remember. Time is slipping, slipping away. (I suggest you go golf while you can.)

Run to Bloomington today. Movies from Netflix sitting on the table. Pile of rock for a new path outside our door. Big weekend coming up. TR wanting attention - he's in his mid twenties and a politician in the New York State Assembly now (you remember I'm reading Mornings on Horseback, right?). And yes he's making waves; he will not just sit down and be quiet.

Reminder to our Senior League golfers: Start with a chipping and putting contest tomorrow morning at 8:30; nine holes of golfing follows that; then the pitch-in luncheon. Bring your A game and your goodies.

And today: another good one for doing stuff outside: move rock, cut grass, play golf.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mystery Golfers

Picture: Another mystery golfer, this one a senior playing in the Tuesday Men's League.

TBC at Lakeview

Picture: TBC at Lakeview after the game; winners on left and front: Mike Bird, John Chapman, Leroy Streepy.

Results of today's TBC scramble at Lakeview:

1. Mike Bird-John Chapman-Leroy Streepy-Susie Spareski (-9)
2. Mike Anderson-CV Burgess-Jerry Robinson-Ray Shaw (-6)
3. Tony Burnside-Danny Thomas-Don Miley-Morris Cornelius (-4)

Tuesday Shot of the Day

Pictures: Bryant Trambaugh and Wife Amy have new baby: Carson Blake born May 21st. Jay Breeden putting on #9. More boat people.

Should be a great day for golf for the Tuesday Men. Does Charlie Lyon have another good day and stay on top the leader board? And the Eyler/Lyon team on top of the team standings? Who is going to take low gross for the day, one of the young guns, James Hager, Weston Muessig, Tyler Kidwell? or a veteran, a Dave Wininger, Phil Eyler or a Mike Kidwell? Lots of guys capable of shooting 32's in league this year. Low net? Could be anybody but probably a high handicapper having a super day - happens all the time. Every now and then a low handicapper sneaks in. And how about all those hole prizes out there, eight of them today: got your sights on any of them or do you leave that up to Ms. Lady Luck or Mr. Fat Chance to determine? I know that Junior and Kevin Byron are going out early today - mid morning; maybe the first of the day. Expect Trambaugh and Miller to be the last. Gonna be fun in the sun, again.

Update - 4:56pm

The course is full of Tuesday Men having the time of their life, or at least I hope they are. Low score so far is Jon Boyd's 37. Virgil Harper played about midday and closed with a birdie on #9. Made him happy. Murray Stuckey had a birdie on #2 while his playing partner, Bob Gilley, had at least one good shot, one he stuck close on #7 which at the time got his name on the hole prize marker. We'll see if it holds up. More later.

Update - 8:20pm

Results are up on the website.

Update - 10pm:

-sweet justice: Phil Eyler's 30' putt on #8 last week was rained out; so this week he gets the long putt and just for fun gets one of the extra hole prizes - #1.
-Terry Padgett gets low gross with a 35. No 32's this week.
-our 2nd league player of the day, John Walker, had his close shot to the barrel on #4 hold up all day long.
-Charlie Lyon stays at #1, expands his lead, and sees his handicap fall to an 8 for next week. He never practices, plays just once a week. Says he'll think about practicing when he isn't #1.
-Junior Byron, thinking of other things, shoots a not so good 43.
-the Jon Boyd/James Hager team jump to 2nd place in team competition. Eyler and Lyon still on top.
-log jam at low net for the day: Skip Ackerman, Chris Hogan and Devon Roach all had 29's..
-other hole prize winners: Warren Atkison on #3; Dave Wininger on #5; Mike Breeden on #7; and Buck Holland on #9.
-since his hole-in-one on #2 last Saturday, Dave Wininger has twice put the same tee shot up in the flower patch long and left of the green.
-week one of the individual handicapped tournament was today; results are on the website - low net winners this week are on top and in control.

This and that late at night

Pictures: Community League members Diane Bird and Shirley Jeffers after their tee shots at #1. One would think their shots were long and straight by the follow through and the direction of their eye gaze. Hmmm.

Pistons escape with a win with LeBron not scoring and choosing not to shoot in 4th quarter. Me thinks he needs to take charge, ala Michael Jordan.

The president again tells the world that Gonzales is doing a great job. Jeesh. Does he think we don't watch the news? Listen to the radio? Read the paper or the internet? George, we see what's going on, bud. Come on now, don't be trying to slip us the bird after all these thingees have been talked about and analyzed all over the place. We know what's been going on. And guess what? It's unacceptable. Please stop now. Do not pass go. Fire the little guy at the DoJ. It's time. Let him slip away into the black of the night, into a history that is somewhere down the road. Lets get on with righting our ship of state.

Hey, tomorrow is Tuesday Men already again. Reminder: eight hole prizes instead of the usual four because of the rain last Tuesday.

Word from Jim Bateman: Wife Wilma shot a 46 in Community League today, five strokes better than last week. He says the improvement comes because of the shot in the eye (literally, for some medical problem with arteries behind her eyeballs). Jim says he's going to get himself a shot in the eye - desperate for game improvement (smile).

Brian Swayze, Richard's son, in from Las Vagas to play a round. Brian was one of Miki's classmates at Shoals. Miki is our eldest, born in Japan and still a world traveler. Hey, Miki, wherever you are, Brian says hello.

Tomorrow not only Tuesday Men but also Tuesday Boyz who come to town for a game starting at 8:30. You all are invited to come join us. Bring a dollar for the game. (High stakes stuff here.)

Time to go to bed. May the world keep turning in a safe and honorable way during the next several hours at least.

Monday, May 21, 2007

More Community League Stuff

Notice that the two older gentlemen lead the team competition, Bob Norris and Clyde Wake. Experience counts. The top women's team, with the designation WW, is the combo of Shirley Jeffers and Diane Bird; Diane also gathered the low net honors for the ladies this week. Jon Boyd, one of the young guns, leads the individual list and got low gross (with a super 34) and low net honors in the men's category. Note that Kay Sheetz has the low gross score for the ladies, a first for her, I believe, but probably not the last. Her partner, Kim Jones, is more than due for a low gross round (she has probably had them in the past though - anybody remember?). Jared Butcher had the low gross for the juniors while Clinton Burch had the low net. On the senior side, Bob Norris had the low net score while Bob Walton took low gross with his 40. Expect we'll see some vast improvements in the scores this week as players won't be thinking about the opening round and all the hoopla that surrounded that event. (You do remember the marching bands, the balloons, and all the dignitaries we had out here last week, don't you?)

A big welcome is due to the many new league players that have joined us with this new Community League. And welcome they are. And of course the welcome mat remains out for all the returning veterans of past leagues. May your ventures and your golfing be more than rewarding in the coming weeks.

Now, head yourself over to the golf course and see if you can get that hole-in-one that you've been looking for. It is nice out there with all the green. (BTW, we did have one of our weekend customers compliment us on the course condition but also suggested flowers would add color. Bring flowers, guys. Lets show the world that we can be more than green. I admit, they would add to the decor.)

Monday Stuff

The Community League League report and roster is up on the website. And we are busy, busy, busy this morning at the golf course. I'll be back later with more news and commentary.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Sunset

Pictures: Sunset at the lake earlier this evening; the last golfer of the day and his honey.

Community League is up and running; seventeen teams so far; expect a few more before all is said and done. Will post the results of week one activity tomorrow morning.

Spurs won. Expected. Duncan - one of the all time greats. Zach Johnson wins again on the PGA tour and in Georgia. Impressive. Lorena wins easily. Cool.

Caught some of the CBS movie tonight - Million Dollar Baby. Saw it several years ago. Still powerful. Hillary Swank, Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman are super. So, faced with the same situation, what would you have done? What was the right thing to do? Are the two the same for you? She passed from this life, one with a broken body, over to another life. Or maybe a reincarnated life. Or maybe is just finally at rest.

More stuff tomorrow.

Sunday at the Golf Course

Picture: Some of today's golfers getting down to business, the serious business of putting,

It's still lovely out there. And busy with golfers taking the cure - getting out in the sun and having fun with some friends.

First results of the new Community League are scheduled to be up by noon tomorrow, maybe a little sooner if things break just right. Also, look for golf course news in the Tribune in a few days. We'll also post what we send on our own website.

Am reading that the morning talk shows were full of Gonzales and whether or not he has very much longer as AG. Some say he'll avoid the very rare "no confidence" vote looming in the Senate. Others say he won't go till the president tells him to go. He has lasted much longer than I thought he would. But then you have to realize that he is protecting his man, and the other guy over there too, that being Rove. Oh well, another week or two. We all enjoy the fireworks and all those little truths that keep dribbling out.

So it goes.

Sunday Funnies

On Gonzales, from the WaPo via FDL: Editorialist Eugene Robinson commenting on the Card and Gonzales nighttime visit to seriously sedated and 'non-acting AG' Ashcroft:

"...The episode-- recounted this week in congressional testimony by Ashcroft's former deputy, James Comey -- sounds like something from Hollywood, not Washington. It's hard not to think of that scene in "The Godfather" when Don Corleone is left alone in his hospital bed, vulnerable to his enemies, and Michael has to save him...."

In sports: Spurs take on the Jazz and the Pistons take on the Cavs to go to the next and last round of the NBA season. Would like to see Lebron and the Cavs win it all but expect the Spurs and the Pistons to advance and then the Spurs to triumph yet again.

On disaster or sudden change: I love what Sean O'Hair said last Sunday evening after he had quadrupled bogied the 17th to fall out of the big money at the Players: "My career spoiled? Scarred for life? That's all BS. I'm 24, and this is what we play for. It hasn't sunk in, how it ended, but no. Not going to ruin me. That's crazy." (Quotes taken from Bob Verdi and Golf World.) Reminded me of yesterday when Dave Wininger's team started out birdie-double eagle in the scramble; we were right behind them and Wayne Souerdike's long putt on one and Jake Strange's chip in for eagle on two kept us in the hunt; didn't help that the four of us went on to miss three 6-8 foot putts on our way to the -4 that should have been -7. (Yeah, right, Mike, woulda-coulda-shoulda and all that other stuff still leaves you with the rest of the pack about half the way to the -8 that took the prize.) The point being: I ain't conceding nothing till the fat lady sings.

Time for breakfast. You know where you need to go, right? Yes, that's right, out to the honey of a golf course just north of town.

Mystery Golfers

Picture: It's the little guy on the left that is a current member of our Senior League.

You can make your guess by clicking on the 'comments' below (someone mentioned to me that they had trouble trying to post a guess - keep trying - I just checked it out and it seems to be working a-okay).

It's beautiful out there. In a little bit, Diane plays Community League with grandson Lucas. At the moment, she and Lucas are the only 'grand' relationship in the league. If you have a grandson or granddaughter interested in playing, and you're interested in spending some quality time with that youngster, take the plunge. It'll be grand for the two of you.

More later.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Scramble and Skins

Picture: Dave Ace-on-two Wininger after scramble and skins today.

Scramble results:

1. Wininger, Dave/Miller/Byron/Spare (-8)
2. Denson/Kidwell,Tyler/Sutton/Trambaugh (-4)
3. Kidwell, Mike/Wininger, Lee/Cornelius/Spare (-4)
4. Butcher, Terry/Hembree/Butcher, Jack/Souerdike, Spencer (-4)
5. Bird/Souerdike, Wayne/Strange/Wease (-4)

Dave Wininger stuck one close for a birdie on #1 then watched his drive on #2 bounce just in front of the stick and then disappear for an unusual hole-in-one on a par 4. He also managed to stick one close on #7, earning himself a 2nd hole prize and pretty much cementing his team's easy scramble win. Each of the other four teams came in with -4's with Doug Denson's team winning the card draw. Sharpshooters besides Dave included his brother Lee on #5 and Bryant Trambaugh on #9.

Skins Match

Seventeen players went for the big bucks in the skins match that followed the scramble. Dave Wininger had a net eagle on #1 for the first skin; Morris Cornelius had a net ace on #5 for the second skin; and Wayne Souerdike rolled in a long putt on #6 for the third and last skin. (Wayne also rolled in a couple of long putts in the scramble but to no avail with the torrid pace of the Wininger team.)

Mystery Golfers

Pictures: Two more of our league players become mystery golfers.

Mystery Golfers #3 and #4. Make your guesses in the comments section. Once we get to ten, I'll get them all together and post with a list of fifteen names so you can mix and match.

It's a beautiful morning. Come on out to our lovely greensward and play a round.

Friday, May 18, 2007

More Shanaginans

The movie, Y Tu Mama Tambien, subtitles and all, was excellent. Two young men, one slightly older women, off on an adventure. In Mexico. So it goes...

Tomorrow morning: Manager's Scramble starting at 8am. Skins match follows - I bet we get a birdie or two on the par threes; don't know if they are going to be winners though.

Community Leaguers Trying Their Luck

Two more teams got started today: Mark and Jenny (Morris subbed) Cornelius and then Patti Bowling and Wilma Bateman. Fourteen full teams now. Diane finished her round the other day with partner Shirley Jeffers by getting a birdie on #9. Thought maybe it was the first birdie of this new league. But no: Jon Boyd had one earlier in the day on #2; Eric got one on #5 during the middle part of the day; and then Bob Walton picked up the last birdie of the day (Wednesday, the 16th), this one also on #9. Wow! Four birdies. Impressive. Diane gets the first birdie by a woman; Bob Walton the first by a senior (50+); Jon Boyd the first by a man and the first for the new league. Waiting for a birdie by a junior.

Friday Shananigans


Wolfowitz calls it quits; beats Gonzales to the punch. Go check out the picture of Mr. Wolfowitz at the link: good impression of my idea of a frump.

(That's enough politics for this early in the morning; my head is a little numb from riding around on the big mower for two hours - that time on the mower is my listen-to-the radio time - learned that Greg Potts turns 52 today - happy birthday, Greg - who, btw, was not very happy with his USG game yesterday and told me why - I'm sworn to secrecy though, he doesn't want anybody to know of the dastardly thing he ran into out there, not once but four times.)

Community Leaguers coming out and getting in their rounds. Morris Cornelius and his son Mark out there now.

More later.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Life off the golf course


At the birdhouse theatre last night, The Game with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. A thriller in the end; a little slow at the beginning but definitely worth the wait. Five star entertainment. Tonight one of those with subtitles and yes I am looking forward to it. From Netflix, the movie is " escapade that involves seduction, conflict and the harsh realities of poverty...."

Y Tu Mama Tambien


Still reading the TR biography. His brother Elliott has recently returned from an extended visit to India where they treated him like a king or a Raj. This was back in the 1880's, thirty some years after the 'first war of independence' in which the locals were squashed by the Brits and sixty some years before true independence came after WWII. Reading of this reminded me of a book that I read a few years back that got me started on a year long binge of Indian reading. The book, Dalrymple's White Mughals, gives one a fairly full and intriguing glimpse of life in India around 1800, at least the life of the colonialists and the Indian upper crust. I found it fascinating and mentioned to Diane that maybe that is where I led one of my previous lives. No doubt had a great time, at least till the natives decided they wanted a little more control of their lives and their land.


"Liar, liar, pants on fire!" Our esteemed AG being caught in his tangled web. No bets on who's out the door first, Gonzales or Wolfowitz. Both have their hands on the door knob though. Wolfowitz trying to make the best deal before handing over the keys to the World Bank. Gonzales seemingly in hot water up to his eyeballs. Oh well.

Thursday Shot of the Day

Pictures: DeLong, Swayze, Sheetz and Wallace after play this morning. Wayne Pearl displaying his 'Oh-my-good-golly-with-a-hop-and-a-hope' swing in #5 fairway. Morris Cornelius' grip measure demonstration - see story below.

Seniors are up to bat. Who's going to have that great shot or two today? The low net round? The trouncing of their opponents? Today is also week one of the Individual Handicapped Tournament which will conclude next week - reminder: next week chipping and putting contest at 8:30 followed by nine holes of golf (tournament week two and regular season event) and that all followed by our first pitch-in luncheon. But first things first and that means all that good stroking and cheers and hurrahs of today. Lets get on with it. See you at the golf course, if not in person then in spirit.

Another reminder: looking for teenage and 20 something pictures of you guys and gals to enter in the Mystery Golfer contest.

Update 1:30pm:
-Charlie Sheetz told me yesterday that he now knows how to score a whole lot better. Today he went out there and shot a net 27, a gross 51, ten strokes better than last week. He is willing to share his new knowledge or you can ask Dale DeLong or Vic Wallace. Has something to do with visualization, I think. Charlie also vaulted into first place in the individual standings.
-Junior Byron gets the low round or the day, a 37. The Cannelburg guys, Mike and Albert, each had 39's.
-Dave Brown gets #7 hole prize. For some reason, Ray Shaw, his partner, thought they were the last group through and thus it would be a help to bring in the hole prize markers. Actually two more groups followed them to #7 - we figured out where the marker was. Dave still got the prize.
-George Foster and Wayne Pearl, my playing partners, each had some very nice shots. In fact, more than enough to take me to the cleaners. My own triple bogey on #1 didn't help and it didn't feel very good either.
-Morris Cornelius and Leroy Streepy each shot 44's, good enough to stomp Rex Hudson and Jack Butcher. Then they went out for the Commuity League and shot 49's. They were none too happy about that though Morris got a smile back on his face when he heard that his shot on #3 got him a hole prize.
-Morris also reported new research data that lets you know after a simple test whether or not you should use oversize grips. If you look at the picture above, the one of Morris's hands, well you just do that and if your thumb gets on back to the wrist on your other hand, well then you are a good candidate for oversize grips for your clubs. This is as reported by Morris to me; Morris says he heard that from Dave Strange. Hmmm...
-Kenny Hudson got close enough on #9 to get that prize while Bob Norris sank the longest first putt on #8 today.
-low net team for the day: Swayze and Sheetz with a 62.
-Tom McAtee did stellar work as a sub for Walt Bowens: net 30 for second in that category.
-Individual Handicapped Tournament: lots in contention.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tuesday League Note

Have posted the results of yesterday's golfing even though there are several players who need to finish. Some good golfing went down yesterday. More later.

Update (3pm):
-Low net teams: Allen and Foddrill, a super 58: Joe, with thanks to Mike Kidwell for suggestions for use of his driver, shoots a 39. Curt Johnson and Chris Hogan did almost as super, coming in with a 59. As mentioned earlier, Curt had his first sub 40 round, a 39. Swing coach Kevin no doubt more than happy down in Florida. Curt was verrrrry happy. As was Chris Hogan with his 44, six better than his average.
-Charlie Lyon still on top by the narrowest of margins; Mitch Jeffers nip, nip, nipping at his heels. As are a host of others.
-Mike Smith was the sharpshooter on #7 yesterday who lost his hole prize when the rains came. Nice shot, Mike.
-Don Nolan low net with a 26; Joe Allen next lowest with his 28.
-James Hager low gross with a 35; Jon Boyd, Junior Byron and Phil Eyler had 36's.
-good stuff. More next week, no doubt.

Note from Tracy Rayhill on a super shot on Monday: Jeff Brookshire played his second shot on #5 from down in #4 fairway and got himself an eagle. Always sweeter from down there, uphill shot and all.

Update Thursday 4:30pm:
-Oops. Me bad. Curt let me know that it was he and Chris Hogan who had the 58; Joe and John had the 59.
-Jon Boyd needed some consistency Tuesday - he came in with three birdies to go along with two bogies, a double bogie and three pars and a score of 36. The two bogies? On those rascally par threes, #3 and #9.
-anymore good stuff out there?

Wolfowitz about to be whacked?

From Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo:

"...You've no doubt seen that the White House is now saying that "all options are on the table" with respect to Paul Wolfowitz's future as president of the World Bank. Rich with irony and just not a good sign for Paul considering that's the phrase this White House usually reserves for rogue states just before they get whacked...."

Go here for a bunch more on Paul and his travails. Root cause of his current troubles? Money? Sex? Association with Bush and Iraq? Am sure there is a nice little farm in upstate New York where he can spend his remaining days doing whatever. Have never read that he has golfed so that may not be an option.

Just for the record, Gonzales is still hanging in there. A long torturous ending for this Bush man. I expect he is looking over his shoulder and keeping an eye out for 'the whack man'.

Tuesday Men pictures before the rains

Pictures from play May 15th: Gary Burris getting ready to tee on #1; ditto with Kyle Jones, one of our super subs; the second-to-last group on #6 tee about ten minutes before the rains dropped in to say hello (these guys did wait it out and finished their round!)

Some comments that go with yesterday:

-Joe Doyle had one of those almost hole-in-ones at #7.
-Tim Voegerl hit the marker on #7 - players on #8 tee box: "you were robbed!"
-somebody had a very close shot on #7 that went caput with the rains.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday Shot of the Day

Here we go again. Conditions are just about perfect right now though all sorts of green on the radar way off to our north and west. Keep your fingers crossed. More later.

Update 6pm:
-James Hager in with a 35; his partner, Jon Boyd, in with a 36. Good shooting.
-Curt Johnson very excited about his 39, first time sub 40. Verrrry nice.
-Chris Hogan, his partner, came in with his season best so far, a 44.
--Johnson/Hogan team score a very nifty 58.
-Mike Albertson shot a 39 and had a nifty little comment on his characterazation in the most recent newspaper article, something about him being part of the older crew. "no, no and no..."
-rains are heading our way though we should finish. More later.

Update 2:
-Darn... So close. The following was posted on the website:

Tuesday May 15, 2007 7:35pm

Weather stopped play about 7pm. This becomes a rain event and players who did not finish have until the finish of play next Tuesday to complete their rounds. Players are reminded that no matter where they stopped on a hole, if they did not finish that hole they return to the tee box and play the entire hole over again. For example, when the rains suddenly came upon us, and I was unfortunate enough to be walking on the dam at the time just down from #8 tee box, the foursome of Short Jeffers, Jack Divine, Warren Atkison and Tim Voegerl were around or on #8 green. Since they were unable to finish that hole, they return to #8 tee box and play #8 over in its entirety. And then go on to #9. This evening's hole prizes are caput and 8 different hole prizes will be offered at the next event. Again, for those who did not finish, please complete your rounds before the end of play event 6.

So, I'm heading home. Mre later maybe.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Lakeview Community League

The Community League, new in 2007, is well started! Teams playing today: Susie Chanley and Wanda Haag, Richard Swayze and Tom Taylor, Kay Sheetz and Kim Jones. Maybe more later this afternoon. And two more teams have signed up: Jeff Brookshire and Justin Seal along with Jake Strange and Jon Boyd. More in the wings, I'm hoping. Remember, this is a weekly league where you play at your own convenience. Team and Individual competition. Scads of fun in the sun. If you haven't already, get yourself a partner and get on out here - you know there's lots of room, especially for you and your buddy.

Week One scores will be posted by noon next Monday.

Monday with the Birds

It's bright and it's early and here I am up with the birds and off to the golf course shortly to help Eric with the mowing. Community League starts today. Tuesday Boyz start tomorrow at Country Oaks at 8:30am.

Here's the UK version of the results at Sawgrass. Tiger finished at level. Sean O'Hair's misfirings at #17 and #18 cost him around half a million dollars. Pocket change for some but probably not him, yet.

On teaching History backwards. For me history is both interesting and relevant and I can take it up either in it's current happenings or from a long bygone era. It does seem to me that the relevance of it all would be more obvious taking it from the now and working back. But both the interest level and the relevance of it all can be enhanced mightily by the doings of the teacher. I also refrain from reading books dealing with current events because I like my history to have the coloring and objectivity of age, the passage of time, which allows for more information to come to light, more perspectives to be verbalized, and for the cooling of emotions and all that subjectivity.

Heading to the greensward.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Sunday Funnies

Sean O'Hair takes an additional 5 strokes on the last two holes to fall out of the top ten, out of second place actually. Big Phil stays steady and wins The Players by two. Golf goddess not nice to young Sean. When coverage started at 1pm today, Tiger had already finished his round. He did close with a roar, getting to +7 early today then closing with 5 birdies, a few pars and an eagle to finish at even par. Good enough for a T37.

Here's what on first blush seems like a darn good idea: teach History backwards. Kevin Drum at the Washington Monthly, a blog I enjoy and read frequently, has the story. Isn't that how we would examine something we were interested in? First we have the interest, do some initial research and then go off in several directions trying to find out how the story got to where it was. But I reserve judgement for the time being - got to do some more reading on it.

For now, going to close up the golf course and head on home. More later, maybe.

Sunday Funnies

Teddy Roosevelt, in his early 20's and having the time of his life, was told by a doctor that he had heart problems and that he must be less active, a lot less active, and for sure never to run up stairs. TR told the doctor in no uncertain terms that he would do no such thing and went on to be even more active. His heart did give out on him in the end but not till TR had had a full and very rewarding and successful and most active life. TR died at age 60. (If you had forgotten, I'm reading David McCullough's Mornings on Horseback, a 'bully' of a book.) Timeline of TR's life.

Tiger near the bottom at the Players. Diane suggests, on hearing that Tiger played last week as well, that he consider not playing two weeks running since he is an old man now. Hmmm, 31 is old man territory for Diane? Interesting.

Phoenix Woman's take on today's talk shows (from FDL): "Guano!"... provided by "Sabbath Gasbags".

Time to be a little more active. Sun is shining, wind is up, temperature is moderate. Lovely Mother's Day. I'm going to go find a big mowing machine and bring it over here to do a little grass trimming.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just a few more things

During this morning's scramble, Larry Hembree was having difficulty with his game, so much so that when in disgust he attempted to hit one into the woods up by #4 green, the ball hit a tree and came back at him thus confirming to one and all that it was not going to be his day. Wonder what would have happened if he had hit it into the water instead?

On Tiger and NBC coverage of the Players: I had the tv on though was busy with other things, multitasking in today's parlance. I was struck by the complete inattention to Tiger's play. Not that there wasn't excitement aplenty elsewhere on the course. Still, must have been a first.

At the close of play today, brotherly love reigned supreme as Joe and Greg Potts came out and got there USG league round in - first one of the season for this industrial league. Greg insisted on getting Joe's round public; Joe was equally insistent on keeping his round a secret for as long as possible. I'll abide by Joe's wishes since he had a grumpy golf goddess to put up with during his round. BTW, Greg did report that his son Mark won the Blue Chip tournament for the fourth time earlier in the day. The record that will never be broken, maybe tied, as one only gets four shots at it. Pretty impressive. Congrats to Mark on this stellar achievement.

John Foddrill had his daughter Grace with him during the scramble today. She no doubt was instrumental in helping her daddy with that eagle chip. At least we will give her the credit. Expect we will see more of her at the course since she's such a little darling. Honorary golf goddess for the day.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day - wish her a happy one and give her a hug if she is near by. Then come on out to the golf course and spend some time pushing a little ball around with a crooked stick. It's a great way to spend a few hours.

Hey, don't forget about the Community League.

Saturday Scramble and Skins

The Scramble:

John Foddrill chipped one in on #4 for an eagle to vault Dave Wininger's team to six under. That tied Terry Butcher's team and left it to the demon cards to declare the winner, where the golf goddess saw that Dave's team won the honors and the cash. Results:

1. Dave Wininger/Josh Butcher/Lee Wininger/John Foddrill (-6)
2. Terry Butcher/Trenton Kidwell/Jake Strange/Ward Smith/Gary Webb
3. Mike Kidwell/Derek Gilbertson/Tony Wease/Bryant Trambaugh (-5)
4. Mark Jeffers/Wayne Souerdike/Joe Allen/Joe Doyle (-3)
5. Mike Bird/Larry Hembree/Gary Knepp/Jared Butcher (-3)

Hole Prizes: Terry Butcher on #1 and #9, Joe Doyle on #5, Lee Wininger on #7.

The Skins:

The Players: Dave Wininger, Terry Butcher, Mark Jeffers, Mike Kidwell, Mike Bird, Josh Butcher, Wayne Souerdike, Tony Wease, Bryant Trambaugh, Derek Gilbertson and Larry Hembree.

The results: no skins taken. skin pot carried over to next week.

Good fun at Lakeview.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Final Friday Shananigans

The movie, Dangerous Beauty, was excellent. The 'bad' girl wins out in the end and is held in esteem. Oh my. Reminds me of the current DC Madam though Veronica Franco is not a madam but rather a courtesan. From Netflix:

"... When Veronica Franco (Catherine McCormack) comes of age in 16th century Venice, the parents of the man she loves refuse to allow a marriage because she's penniless. After her mother (Jacqueline Bisset) advises her to become a skilled courtesan, Veronica pursues a dashing Venetian senator (Rufus Sewell) and convinces France to join forces with Venice in a war against Turkey. When a plague overtakes the land, the church charges her with witchcraft...."

Tiger sneaks in with a +4; cut was +5 so he had room to spare. Big Phil M. leads at -5. Think Tiger has a chance? I'm sure he thinks he's going to win...

Manager's Scramble at 8am tomorrow followed by skins. Look for 16-20 for the scramble and 12 for the skins. Come on out and put your skills on display - you might be the one making that decisive chip or putt. That is unless I beat you to it.

That's it for this Friday. More good stuff tomorrow.

More Shanaginans

Okay, I'm at home and have seen some more of those tiny blue birds of happiness. Turns out they are Indigo Buntings, a bird we saw quite a lot over in the Lost River area but one which has just now turned up over here, at least in out neck of the woods. Nothing in it's description or habitat that would suggest that they haven't been around. Interesting. A delightful little bird though. Along with the Goldfinch and the Cardinal, bright flashes of color skittering about on the peripheries of our lives. Nice.

The DC Madam: Well, darn it, can't find the link to the story about a judge telling her to stop sharing her client list with the news media. Did learn something though, from here:

"...Palfrey said she is donating 10 percent of the revenue she gets from doing a series of Internet radio interviews to help wrongly convicted prisoners re-establish life outside of incarceration. The program, the Life After Exoneration Program (LAEP), helps exonerated former prisoners find homes, jobs and other support...."

We have a nice little intersection going here, this time between sex, politics and the criminal justice system. Hey, good stuff. Go, Deborah Jeane, go. No, not to the same place as Wolfie.

Tiger update: Even for the day thru 7 with a birdie, ending the birdie drought, and a bogie. Remains +3 with the projected cut at +4. Hmmm. Oh oh, he bogied #8, a par 3, for the second day in a row, and now sits at +4. Not good. Need a Tiger charge.

Did anybody besides me see all that green in yesterday's pictures (Thursday shot of the day) and realize that that's a lot of green all of a sudden? Wasn't it just yesterday that the north wind was coming off the lake and shivering our bones and green was something you handed to Butcher and Hudson after losing yet another skin? I like it, all that green of the grass and shrubs and trees.

Movie at our place tonight: Dangerous Beauty. Set in 16th century Venice. You're invited on the same terms as the other night - bring popcorn and beer. No subtitles tonight unless you want us to turn on the English, that is.

Still time to wander out to the golf course and get in 18 holes. Still gray and temperate.

One last thing: Read Larry's rant against big, nasty, ugly government in this week's Loogootee Tribune. Need more stats please, Larry. How about 1960 data next to 2000 data comparing state and federal government expenditures and size to population and GNP? At least for starters. From Larry's discussion I would guess that the stats would be substantially different, with the 2000 data showing government intrusion in every facet of our individual lives much more draconian.

So, go play golf now and think of nasty monsters and for sure you won't shank any of your shots (reference: Tin Cup).

Friday Shananigans

Out at the golf course and I've put some time in on the big mower finally being chased back to the clubhouse by the rush of golfers. I don't mind that at all. Guys who are out here for the first time this year: Steve Sargent, Dan Henning, Jordan Dant. Good to see them getting some golf in. They, along with a bunch more, are out here early taking advantage of the cloud cover and the cool temperatures. Cool.


Stories worth watching (more comment later):

The DC Madam is making the front pages again; here I thought that was going to disappear when it was reported that nobody of note, like in the WH or the Pentagon, was on her client list.

Wolfowitz being encouraged by the Europeans to step down as World Bank chief. Go, Wolfie, go now...

Gonzales: I know he's in the news but haven't read how he fared yesterday. Can he survive? Does anybody but Bush want him to survive? The longer he stays, the longer the story stays on page one. Remember Rumsfeld and all the press he and the Pentagon got for the errant direction of the war in Iraq? With his removal and the ascension of Gates, mush less noise in that area (though still plenty on Bush and the direction of the war). Much chatter on possible WH involvement in USA firings. Possible? Come on, lets get real. We all know that there were Rovian fingerprints all over this thing. Right? Right.

Woods: At the Players on Thursday, Tiger gets fifteen pars and three bogies. No birdies and three three putts. That means a few of us had more birdies and less three putts yesterday than the best golfer in the world. That's impressive, right?

Pistons sticking it to the Bulls. The Bulls had a nineteen poing third quarter lead last night and lost. Pistons up 3-0.

Iraq mess: still messy, people still dying, being hurt. War is stupid (I think I've said that before).

Movies: La Sierra was the one we watched Wednesday night. Yes on subtitles. Set in Columbia. Young people with guns and drugs. A documentary. A three or four yawner. Diane threatens to take away my movie choosing rights.

More shananigans later when I get home.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Shot of the Day

Pictures: Allen Swayze in #1 fairway advancing his ball; Jim Leonard left of #3 green chipping and hoping; Morris Cornelius and Leroy Streepy willing a ball onto #9 green.

A tiny blue bird of happiness was just helping himself at the feeder out the west window while a goldfinch wishes me a good morning out the north window. Diane is full of zip and already out the door and on her way to the golf course. Grand omens, gonna be some sort of day, me thinks. More later on the good things that are about to take place with all those senior golfers who are now having a last cup of coffee and thinking maybe it's time to get on the road, go see some friends, hit a little ball around a lovely green space. See you at the course.


Well, it has been a very nice day.
-Morris Cornelius had a great day: low net score of 28, hole prize on #7, and instrumental in getting low team net for himself and Leroy Streepy (62). And for the only time that I can remember, he and Leroy shut out their opponents, 14-0. My oh my.
-Jr Byron got himself two hole prizes, on #8 and #9, and shot a very nice 38.
-Dale DeLong got the other prize with a close shot on #3.
-Mike Bird got low gross with a 36 and had a putt from off the green find the hole at #3 for a closing birdie. And is back on top of the individual standings.
-Charlie Sheetz had a good closing hole at #3 as well: tee shot just off the green front and right, a chip to 20 inches and then a putt that curled around the left side, looked in, and then dropped.
-Allen Swayze took the long road on the shortest hole, #7, by fluffing his tee shot which landed in the grass trap; he then fluffed his 2nd shot right and short of the green; but then calmly chipped his 3rd shot in for a routine par. Routine for Allen.
-Walt Bowens and Dale DeLong had good days and joined Mike Bird at net 31, good for 2nd place in that category.
-Bob Elliott is back in town and shot a respectable net 38.
-Kenny Hudson and Carroll Rayhill remain on top of the team standings, just edging Richard Barber and John Chapman.
-Mike Anderson shot a 38 which is more like him. Took him awhile to adjust to Indiana weather after a winter in Florida, I guess.
-add your stories in the comments.

Mystery Golfers

Picture: Mystery Golfer #2, another one of our own.

Remember, feel free to make a guess in the comments section but don't send an email until after the 10th mystery golfer is posted. Do send an email with one of your pictures if you want to be a Mystery Golfer.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wednesday Stuff

Frontline was on PBS when I got home from the 'office' last night. From all the good stuff happening out here at the golf course, all those happy gladiators returning successfully from their battles with the defenders of the greensward, I was hurtled into a sad story of children in jail for life. Holy Cow. What a jolt back to a reality filled with anger and grief and stupidity. Over 2000 now in jail in the US for life. Felony murder - you get convicted of that and you're toast. Gone. In jail for life, no parole. Our criminal justice system has its glaring insufficiences, and this is one more of them. In the stories related I saw very little justice and no mercy. Appalling. A real bummer to watch; a real tradegy for those living with the consequences of their actions and a certain alignment of the stars. Mandated sentencing is stupid. Our criminal justice system not so just. (BTW, Habeas Corpus still has not been restored; maybe in a month or six or twenty-four.)

And then there is this story of two 16 year old girls in Perth, Australia, who strangled a 15 year old girl just to see if they would feel remorse. Given a life sentence but eligible for parole after 15 years. Jeeeesh...

On a lighter note, our Attorney General, Mr. Gonzales, goes back before Congress tomorrow; somebody should remind him, again, that truth will out. (If you're interested, dKos has much more on the sins of our AG.) And it looks like Mr. Wolfowitz is heading for early retirement - some European countries, and a host of Democratic Senators, want him to take a hike from his job as World Bank leader. Sanity on the rebound.

And more on the DC Madam service, uh, story. A high end fantasy business. I like that. I also like it that this female David is telling the DOJ Goliath to stick it and to talk with her customers if they don't believe her about her workers not selling sex. You know for sure the men folk were not buying. Yup, I like this spunky lady...

On an even lighter note: Movie time at our place tonight. I forget the options. You're invited but bring popcorn and beer and be prepared for subtitles (smile).

Mystery Golfers

Picture: Mystery golfer #1.

Over the next several weeks, I'll be posting a mystery golfer, one of our very own. Once ten are online, you can email me your guesses. An appropriate prize to the one with the best guesses. If you want to be part of the mystery golfer ranks, send me a picture of yourself, or bring it into the clubhouse. Picture should be of you as a young person, either as a child or as a teen or as a 20 something. Feel free to make your guesses public in the comments section but do not send me an email with your answers till we have the first ten mystery golfers.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tuesday Shot of the Day

Pictures: Joe Allen waiting on #1; Larry doc Sutton waiting on #8 while Mike Breeden was celebrating his hole prize winning long putt on the green; Don Nolan after just missing a four foot sliding-to-the-left putt on #9; his chip to that position was a beauty though.

Early golfers for league include Virgil Harper and Gary LaMar, Joe Doyle and Dave E. Strange, Mike Smith and Tom McAtee. Mike's in with a super 38. Weston Muessig's in with a very nice 34 which includes a chip in on #6 for eagle; Trenton Kidwell with a 38 (net 28). Good day for golf. More later.


-Low gross for the day: a young turk, Weston Muessig; and a familiar face, James Hager. 34's
-Low net for the day: Trenton Kidwell, who had a few choice comments on last week's high handicap winner before going out and shooting a gross 37 and a net 28. The 38 is more like the Trenton we expected. And Charlie Lyon with a net 29 continuing his torrid early season pace. He remains on top of the heap for the third week in a row.
-Sharpshooters include Phil Eyler on 3, Mitch Jeffers (another one of those young turks who is doing very well) on 7; Mike Breeden on 8, and Joe Doyle, who left instructions at the clubhouse after his early morning round that he didn't want anyone messing with his hole prize on #9. Hey, nobody did. The power of the man...
-Bill Carrico had another good day though a putter which was downright cranky at times: on #4 it caused him to 4 putt.
-Couple of subs, Dave E. Strange and Mark Anderson, shot net 32 and 31. Big help to Terry Butcher and Brent Courter. BTW, where is Brent?
-Low net team scores: 59 for Muessig and Kidwell; Boyd and Hager 61. The youngsters are flexing their muscles. (Hey, thanks to Hager and Boyd for brightening our day with the two lovely young ladies they brought to the golf course!)
-Bryant Trambaugh and Tim Miller had good nights, shooting in the low 40's rather than the high forties. About where they belong.
-Tony Wease and Phil Hardwick had a terrible night, coming in with a net team score of 88. That, folks, is a good basketball score, something you don't want on the golf course (especially in Butcherville!).
-The Byrons had a not so good night; hope Pam was full of cheer.
-More stories out there; I just haven't heard them, or can't think of them at the moment. Add your two cents in the comments section.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Super Monday

Pictures: Traffic along the highway, and next to it, Sunday evening.

At the golf course where the grass keeps on growing. Eric and I were out there early nipping it. Lovely day - already a lot of golfers taking advantage of all this goodness. In case you missed it, Tiger won yesterday but not without some drama on the back nine where several golfers found bogies and double bogies. Pretty tough layout there. Good for those who gobbled up those plus par scores and made the game a whole bunch more interesting. Darren Clark's dictum: fairways, greens, make a putt every now and then. In the end, Tiger did that, and won yet again. Amazing athlete. Amazing young man. Nice having all those top ranked players at the same venue competing against each other. And the young man playing with Tiger, Rory Sabbatini? Read Saturday night how he really wanted to be paired with Tiger; had a certain note of over confidence in his words, seemed to me. Boy, you do not know what you're in for, me thinks. Remember how he started yesterday? Parred all holes on the front nine, going from one up on Tiger to three down. Playing with Tiger is like playing with, well, a tiger, an untamed one. Good stuff.

Lakeview's Community League starts in a week. Get yourself a partner and sign up today. Remember, this is a league where you play at your own convenience. Otherwise, format is same as our Tuesday League. Golfers of every stripe are welcome. Go here for a full description of the league, or call or stop in at the clubhouse.

update: If you were watching the golf on tv yesterday, did all those balls dribbling into the creek alongside #18 fairway remind anyone of play along our own #2 fairway? and how about #16, a 211 yard par three with water on three sides? That's a nice hole. Would love one of those out here.