Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sunday Funnies

Picture: Waiting horse and buggy pair outside of Stoll's Lakeview Restaurant Saturday night.

Cool and loverly on the hill here. Sun is just coming up and it promises to be a beautiful day. If not already there, put on your agenda "Play nine at Lakeview".


Ochoa lurks - some writer using Tiger term to describe the current position of ladies #1 player at their Open. Nice association for Lorena. Appropriate as well.

Michelle Wie withdraws - dang it all, young lady, get thee together. Take the time to heal and then come back when you can compete at the top level.

Nice to have the Colts as #1 football team but what happened to the Pacers? Reggie retired, Pacers disappeared from caliber basketball. And no glimmer of light on the horizon as of now.

Son Marty down for the Shoals class reunion dinner. Catfish Festival in process. Daughter Miki has birthday. World turns.

Heading to the golf course to see what's going on...

Saturday Scramble and Skins

Picture: Ward Smith and Larry Hembree posing on #7 tee box during skins match earlier today.

Scramble Results:

1. Dave Wininger, Greg Potts, Joe Allen, Curt Johnson (-7)
2. Mike Bird, Tyler Kidwell, Ryan Wininger, Kevin Byron, Bryant Trambaugh (-6)
3. Mike Kidwell, Larry Hembree, Lee Wininger, Ward Smith (-6)
4. Derek Gilbertson, Jordan Divine, Scott Arthur, Jack Divine (-4)
4. Mark Sherer, Wayne Souerdike, Josh Huff, Charlie Sheetz (-4)

Sharpshooters: Mike Bird, Ward Smith, Mark Sherer, Greg Potts

Note: 2nd place decided by a card draw.

Skins Results:

Players: Bryant Trambaugh, Josh Huff, Mark Sherer, Curt Johnson, Larry Hembree, Derek Gilbertson, Ward Smith, Tim Miller, Mike Bird.

Skins: None taken; carried over to next skins match.

Holiday Weekend

Next Wednesday is the 4th, Independence Day, and people are going all over the place this weekend to participate in special events. In this area, the goings on over at the Catfish Festival in Shoals are attracting some of our golfers, the young, playing softball and volleyball. Is there a 3 on 3 basketball tournament as well? Good luck to them and of course bring home the trophy.

For some of us, golf remains the thing to do on a Saturday morning. The course has greened up nicely with all the rain these last several days and Eric and Lucas have been busy trimming the grass in every nook and cranny. And there is that hole-in-one streak to keep alive. Would love to be taking your picture sometime today to mark your first, or second or maybe even third if you have been particularly lucky over the years, ace. I wouldn't mind getting my second either.

I see that Barry Bonds has hit his 750 home run. Quite and achievement. And the ladies are having trouble with the rain at their Open.

Okay - time for scramble and skins. See you in a bit out at the place just north of town.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Late Friday Shenanigans

Don't forget the Manager's Scramble starting at 8am in the morning. We'll follow with skins. And yes we're still looking for our hole-in-one for the week.

In other news:

Supreme Court to hear case on whether US government has right to hold enemy combatants forever and a day without ever giving them a day in court. About time. A long time ago, maybe as far back as the 60's, I remember someone telling me that America was a great respecter of laws and that Americans were in general a law abiding people. He did say there was one stipulation, that that respect stopped at the border, that outside our own borders, unlawful stuff was fair game. Remember the Frank Church hearings back in the '70's? Where all sorts of illegal things were being planned and carried out by the CIA? (Of course, our current administration is going for broke in a similar fashion with the stipulation that they insist it is all legal because in time of war the president is god, is above the law, makes the law to protect the American people...) So, now the Supreme Court is going to listen and hopefully again slap down the administration for going overboard in its curtailment of individual freedom in the pursuit of security. Again, it's about time.

Cubbies win 7th in a row. WOW!

Heading out on the course - clean up round.

More Shanaginans

Pictures: a quiet corner on a Wednesday night and from #5 tee box earlier today.

Here's something that has surprised me these last few days: using borrowed clubs (from Dan Steiner and Derek Gilbertson), I've got an additional ten yards using their steel shafted 8 and 9 irons. Dan's clubs were Top Flite, Derek's King Cobra. That's a pleasant surprise - will have to see if that carries through to the other irons as well. Don't know the explanation, the physics, of it all.

On the Denson Outing at Country Oaks:

Played with Trenton Kidwell and Larry Hembree and we were joined by Steven Downey, Chris Bledsoe and Jeff Doyle. Each of us hit the ball both well and not so well, made some good decisions and some bad, got worn out with all the humidity, stopped play with the thunder and lightning and rain not once but twice and then finally called off the last part of the three part play, didn't win any money but did get a refund for the canceled part, went to Red Bones for pizza and found Michele Wie doing well on tv (but it was a tape of last year's ladies Open - which I didn't realize till much later that evening). For the Bird/Kidwell/Hembree team: Scramble 34 (30 was low score I believe); Alternate Shot 40 (34 was low score I believe). Did find out a little more about Trenton and Larry and Jeff when they are frustrated and tired, the three of them being a little bit better at letting their emotions show than the other three of us, or so it seemed to me.

So it goes...

Friday Shenanigans

At the golf course where it is humid and overcast with a light mist hanging around. A few golfers out there, including Charlie Sheetz who I imagine is trying to shake off yesterday's 55. Charlie and Allen Swayze played Jack Lents and Richard Swayze yesterday and were smashed 12.5 points to 1.5 points. Not a good day for Charlie and Allen, good day for good neighbor Jack and super sub Richard.

Professional Sports

Oden goes first to Portland. Quite a young man, the lad from just up the road a piece. His buddy Michael Conley, goes fourth. Durant to the Supersonics.

At the ladies US Open, Karrie Webb shot an 83, one worse than Michelle Wie. She must be mortified and certainly in denial, as is Michelle. Can either of them shoot well enough today to make the cut? Expect not.


Saw just a smidgen of the Democratic presidential debate on PBS last night and was impressed by Hillary Clinton who looked and spoke with assurance and command. Not sure we can learn much about these people from these debates and forums since they are, by necessity, filled with time constraints. And of course it is way too early to be thinking about November 2008 anyway. Isn't it?

Fox News poll has Bush at 31% favorability rating. Greg Sargent's comment:

Bush Hits Record Low In Fox Poll

Another key number in the new Fox News poll we noted below: Bush's approval rating sank to 31%.

That's the lowest ever in Fox polling. Yes, in Fox polling. His previous low was 33%.

Bush can take solace from one thing, however: He's doing way better than Paris Hilton. She checks in with a favorability rating of seven percent.


I'm thinking the president would be more than happy to report that sizable difference between his polling numbers and those of the recently released from prison Paris Hilton. And be mighty prowd of it too...

Looks like the weather is clearing and we're in for some nice. Better go golf or in any case get out of the house and move your body around. Be good for your spirit.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rainy Afternoons

Well the golf goddess did hold the rains off so that the seniors could play their golf game. I was not so fortunate though we did get the first 18 holes in over at Country Oaks before being stopped by rain, thunder and lightning. Reminds me of the past weekend when rains spish-splashed the American Legion tournament up in Brownsburg. So, I'm doing pretty good at these golf outings: just this past week, three days of golf, three days of rain. If I had been hired as a rainmaker, I didn't know it but I sure delivered. Next planned outing: Sultan's Run next Thursday afternoon. Rain not in the forecast.

Wie shoots 82 in first round of the ladies US Open. Not good for the young lady who has struggled mightily with her game since turning pro. The jingle of coin in her pocket distracting her? Money can do that.

Rain is over here at the golf course - going to go walk and check things out.

Thursday Shot of the Day

Are we going to be lucky enough to get the Senior League in this morning? And then watch the rains come down this afternoon? From the radar maps I'm looking at now, that is a distinct possibility. Got my fingers crossed. As of now, we're a go and if we get stopped, we'll finish whatever holes we did not finish the following week.

Update 5:45pm:

Results are up on the website. the highlights:

LAKEVIEW GOLF COURSE Fifty Plus League June 28, 2007 Event 11

Hole Prizes:

#3: Bob Elliott

#7: Rex Hudson

#8: Jack Butcher

#9: Dale DeLong


Team: Bob Norris and Sam Potts

Individual: Charlie Sheetz

Low Net Individuals: Dale DeLong (27), Bob Elliott/Dave Strange (30)

Low Net Team: Dale DeLong/Vic Wallace (61)

Low Gross Scores: Jack Butcher (37), Junior Byron (39)

Average Gross Score 46.75

Average Net Score 35.17

-Thanks to Susan Eyler and June Eckerle for filling in for me.
-low gross round and a hole prize to Jack Butcher!
-low net round and a hole prize to Dale DeLong!
-Charlie Sheetz and Al Kavanaugh have subpar rounds but still sit on top of the individual standings.
-Bob Norris and Sam Potts increase their lead in the team competition.
-Bob Elliott shoots sub 50, nets a 30 and second low net tie with Dave Strange.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paul Simon and Diane Bird Rock

Pictures: Diane and Lucas after a round of golf; Kevin and Miki at the Turkuaz Cafe; and Ericka Shaw and Tanya Brown, gallery for Bub and Pup and Zach, waiting out the little bit of rain we got late this afternoon.

Just about the end of Diane's birthday anniversary and as it draws to a close, Paul Simon performs on PBS. He, like Diane, have been at it for over five decades, each of them making large contributions to the harmony and rhythm in my life. Stellar.

We did get to Bloomington where Miki and Kevin were perfect hosts at the Turkuaz Cafe which served, you guessed it, Turkish food though we were served by a young lady named Bolro from Mongolia. Yummy food and great company.

Tomorrow I am off to the Denson outing at Country Oaks leaving Diane and Eric to get the Senior League up and out on its own at 8am. Susan Eyler and June Eckerle will be filling in for me (and Frank) and I am sure providing plenty of competition to Kenny and Carroll. I have a feeling that the two women will be much more successful than I would have been - Kenny and Carroll are forewarned. The current leaders: Charlie Sheetz in the individual competition and Sam Potts and Bob Norris in the team competition.

And in other non local news, the Cubbies, have won six in a row. Bet you haven't heard that said too often in the last one hundred years.

So it goes.

Somebody's Birthday Today

Happy Birthday to the lady who has spent most of her life putting up with me and my shenanigans. We head to Bloomington in a little bit for lunch with Miki and hopefully Kevin too. Those two are just back from Turkey and Patmos (a Greek island).

Yesterday was a wonder with rain all around us and none falling here so that the Tuesday Men wouldn't get wet. Of course, being the big hearty men that they are, they wouldn't have let a little rain spoil their game. Of course, what was showing up on radar was red and yellow and a clap of thunder was heard every now and then. But no rain here.

The world continues to turn.

Tuesday Day's End

Pictures: The last group playing #8; and more boat people though we know these guys and gals: Chris, Rosie, Donna, Rita and Jack.

What a surprise - no rain tonight during league. Looking at the radar at 3:30 this afternoon I felt that we probably had two hours before we got the system that was down over Evansville at the time. Didn't work out that way. We thank the golf goddess of weather for holding back the downpour.

Best wrap this up and go to bed - eyes are droopy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Senator Lugar says enough is enough

In case you missed it, Senator Lugar is telling Bush to stop the bloodshed, get out of Iraq, end the mess. Bless the Republican senator from Indiana.

Tuesday Shot of the Day

Pictures: Dave Henning on the bridge going to #1; Dean Winkler and John Drake after draining their par putts on #9 this morning.

Here we go again and weather may be a factor during part of the day. Super sub Mark Potts with his 32 last week joins Dave Wininger in scatch golfer status: zero handicap. Feather to Mark. Have several other golfers playing in league very capable of reaching that summit.

It's crowded at the top of the standings and today's play will no doubt mix up things once again. Trambaugh and Miller came out of nowhere to grab the lead; will they be able to hold onto it? Eyler and Lyon in position to reclaim first place but they have plenty of company wanting the same seat at the table. Don Nolan and John Foddrill way up on Charlie Lyon and Dave Strange in the individual competition so one would expect them to be there after today's play. But you know that s**t happens. Look for a tightening of that race today.

No sense holding back on getting a hole-in-one at Lakeview for the seventh week in a row. Might as well be one of the Tuesday Men. You remember Terry Padgett got one on #9 earlier this year during league play. And don't forget that #5 hole has joined the possibles with several of the long ball hitters reaching the green nowadays.

More later as the day progresses and the scores are turned in.

Update 1 1:30:

-Watched Virgil Harper get up and down on #4 earlier; his ball was up by the water cooler - he chipped down onto the collar then calmly one handed his putter and rolled the ball into the cup. About 15 feet.
-Tom McAtee went out and shot a nifty 39 gross, 29 net. His partner Mike Smith did okay too with a 40 gross, 33 net.
-more later...

Update 6:40pm:
-Keith Parsons has career low score of 43. That's a net 27 for Keith. Said his putter was magic tonight.
-Trenton and Mike Kidwell come in with 35's.
-Kent Summers fires a 38 gross, 28 net.
-John Drake shot a 41 this morning; he might want to come out early more often.
-Weston Muessig eagled #6.
-more later.

Update 8:25pm:

Reports are posted on the website. The highlights:


Team George Templin and Don Nolan

Individual Don Nolan

Hole Prizes:

#3: Short Jeffers

#7: Junior Byron

#8: Dave Strange

#9: Tom McAtee

Low Net Scores: Keith Parsons (27), Kent Summers (28)

Low Gross Scores: Short Jeffers, Mike and Trenton Kidwell (35)

Average Gross Score 43.017 Prior 42.52 42.89 43.47 42.92

Average Net Score 34.267 Weeks 34.64 34.35 34.70 33.92

Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday with the Birds

Mid afternoon and Sheryl is taking care of business. Brought the big mower home and mowed for the first time in weeks; one of the benefits of dry weather.

News on the laptop: I again stuck it in the refrigerator yesterday to get it started after it did its i-don't-want-to-start-thingee both up in Brownsburg and once home. I did one other thing when I put it to bed last night: I pulled the power plug. And I repeated that little operation this morning when I headed to the golf course; and also after my lunch session with cyberspace. And, guess what? My baby came to life when I pushed the power on button! My oh my, will wonders never cease. So, for now, me and my baby are on good talking terms.

Diane and Shirley, Wilma and Patty (please spell it with a 'y', Michael, somebody asked me this morning; not mentioning names or anything but she did have her best round ever this morning and was very pleased with herself; Wilma was too). Dear Shirley was ready to go when I pulled in just before 8 this morning and I knew that Diane was just getting started on the computer catching up on her mail and stuff and enjoying a second cup of coffee. So I asked Shirley if she had a date to play golf with her Community League partner. Yes. Hmmmm. Pulled out my high tech cell phone and immediately got the leave-me-a-message message. Oops, not good news, Diane didn't turn her cell phone on yet. And, being on the puter, the land line wasn't going to work either. I did try though. Busy, busy, busy. Told Shirley she best go over to Diane's place and have a cup of coffee while Diane got golf ready. No, no, no, you go. So, left the world with Shirley (she handled it very well) and scurried home and whispered through the den window to Diane that her date was waiting. OMG... Tell her I'll be there in ten minutes. Now guys, I am not telling lies, that is what she told me and that is what she did. Ten minutes. A mere ten minutes. From just out of bed and done with her first cup of coffee to golf ready. Fast woman, that Diane, very fast. At least for Shirley and a Monday morning golf outing.

Heading back to the course. It will be a good night to catch a little golf, me thinks.

The Trashing of our Country

On Politics

This one, Manners and Trashing the Place, under the rage, makes me weep. It's about how this administration has trashed the interior of our country, the national parks and forests. Give it a read and pass it on. Maybe somewhere along the line the rage will result in some constructive action.

Making noise in the progressive blogosphere are the Chaney articles in WAPO.

I think that is enough of politics for the moment. What's being uncovered is full of stench and yuk. The good thing is that the light of day will advance the cleansing process.

Monday Stuff

Last Saturday's Scramble and Skins

1. Dave Wininger, Norman Graber, Joe Allen, Ward Smith (-4)
2. Mark Jeffers, Josh Huff, Lee Wininger, Ward Smith (-4)
3. Derek Gilbertson, Larry Hembree, Curt Johnson, Tom Holt (-3)
4. MarkSherer, Kevin Byron, Bryant Trambaugh (-2)
5. Wayne Souerdike, Jordan Divine, Kent Summers, Jack Divine (-1)

Skins: Seven players with Kent Summers taking skins on #6 and #9 and Mark Sherer getting the other one on #4.

Big League Sports

Cubs sweep Chisox - surprise!

Mahan beats Williamson, wins first at Hartford with two birdies within twenty minutes on hole #18 - pretty exciting stuff for a couple of non winners on the Tour. Very dramatic ending as Williamson took the lead with pars on #16 and #17 then stood by as Mahan topped him twice on 18 with both players knocking it close with their approach shots. Good stuff.


Haven't checked; maybe later. Any good stuff?

Diane's up and getting started on her day. Guess I had better hie myself to the golf course. No telling what shenanigans are about to happen out there.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

More State Tournament Pictures

More pictures from the State Tournament: Mike Albertson, Paul Truelove, Larry Sargent.

American Legion Golf Tournament Pictures

Pictures from the American Legion State Tournament held in Brownsburg this weekend. The Pictures: Larry Sargent, Virgil Harper with Dana, Gary LaMar.

Mystery Golfers

Another mystery golfer - haven't had one in a couple of weeks so this is a good one. He is a member of the Senior League.

League Results

Community League and USG League results are posted. Highlights for the Community League:

Community League Week ending June 24, 2007 Event 6

Low Net Scores:

F Susie Chanley/Kay Sheetz (27)
SR Bob Walton (30)

M Jake Strange/Tyler Walton (32)
JR Stephen Bradley (28)

Low Gross Scores:

M Michael (Opa) Bird (34)

F Kim Jones/Kay Sheetz (44)
SR Michael Bird (34)

JR Stephen Bradley/Jared Butcher (39)

Low Net Team

Susie Chanley and Wanda Haag (57)

Current Wk

Avg Gross Score: 46.788

Avg Net Score: 33.515

Lots of great scores for Community League members this week along with a change at the top in the Individual standings - Jeff Brookshire now on top. Wanda Haag and Susie Chanley put together a super round and get the low net team score of 57. Stephen Bradley gets his first sub 40 round, a nifty 39. Bob and Tyler Walton come in with 36's; Kay Sheetz and Kim Jones come in with 44's. Good week for the Community League.

Judy Walker Continues the Streak with Ace on #7

On Friday, June 22nd, Judy Walker watched her pink Maxfli Noodle ball land on the green and roll towards the pin, then heard it hit the pin but could not tell whether it dropped in the hole. She told her playing partner, June Eckerle, that she might have just got a hole-in-one. Once on the green, they both looked in the hole and saw the ball nestled nicely in the bottom. High fives and big congratulations. The ace was Judy's first and she continues Lakeview's streak of hole-in-ones, this being the sixth week in a row that a player has come up with an outstanding shot from the tee box that found the bottom of the cup. Judy, you're an Ace now. Welcome to the Hole-in-One Club.

Sunday Funnies

Early morning in Plainfield at the Days Inn. Just had a bite to eat and am getting ready to go find West Chase Golf Course for my 2nd 18 holes in the American Legion State Tournament.

Tried to get on last night but my laptop would not cooperate. I'm in the Inn lobby now. In the scramble yesterday, Dave Wininger's team managed to get a victory on the cards over the Mark Jeffers team, each coming in with a -4. (Will post complete results later this afternoon.) Hope you all had fun; I'm assuming that the conditions were not too wet unlike what we had up here in Brownsburg at Quail Creek - showers before we started and then several times while we were playing. Yuk. Still course was in great condition, greens were lovely and true, and the company, Larry Sargent and Blb Klasko (from LaPorte), was excellent. Shot an 81 for those who want to know, not excellent but okay considering the conditions. Today we play West Chase.

More later after golf and the drive home. Go golf - Eric and Sheryl, Jim and Diane are taking care of things at Lakeview.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday and let the fun begin

More from Washington:

VP insists he is above the law; the decider agrees. See WAPO article for more details on how Chaney makes the case that he is not in the Executive Branch and thus not subject to the Nation's laws on oversight and the handling of classified material. Democrats are being picky again, insist Chaney is a man.

In sports:

Cubs win, beat White Sox. I'm surprised at how sweet it is to say that: Cubs win. Another Harry Carey phrase? Like Holy Cow? Was brought up listening to Jack Brickhouse who was mostly silent when compared to game coverage nowadays.

About computers:

Did get my laptop started last night after putting it in the frig for five minutes. Think I need to take it apart and get the dust off the heat sink; maybe check the operation of the cooling fan; could turn on the house air conditioner (off with Diane gone and me mostly out). And it did turn on without incident this morning. Will wonders ever cease?

On getting a move on:

I should do it; time is running away from me.

Friday, June 22, 2007

More Friday Follies

Darn it all. My laptop won't start. Have been having trouble with it for several weeks now, hard starting, and did have it started for a bit this morning before I went to the clubhouse. And now it's being super cranky. Darn thing. So am on Diane's and with her being out in Boise that is not a problem for the moment.

Played in the Community League for the first time - as Opa (that stands for 'old pa' for those of you who wondered, as opposed to young pa, that being the father, Eric). Lucas and I went out and intentionally did not shoot the lights out on the course cause we knew others might be wanting to play during the rest of the day. Lucas came in with a not so sterling 61 though he hit the ball well on many an occasion; got sloppy (sorry, Lucas, gotta call it as I saw it) with his putting. Expect him to be an excellent golfer in short order - has a very nice swing. Opa did okay for himself, getting a bunch of pars, a few birdies and only stumbling on the last hole with an errant chip that resulted in a two putt and a bogey on the hole. Darn the luck.

Ginny and Mark Cornelius were also out there getting in their Community League round. Eric remembers Ginny from The Insurance Shop in Odon which has been a supporter of Odon Little Leaguers, and that would include Lucas and Ian and a host of other youngsters in the community just north of us.

Tomorrow the Saturday Scramble starts at its usual time, 8am. I'll get everybody started and then hightail it to Brownsburg and the American Legion State Golf Tournament, a two day event with golf at two different courses. I play Quail Creek tomorrow and West Chase on Sunday; expect the other Post 120 players to be doing the same.

Had a little trouble with my license plate renewal this year. Expected to get my GO GOLF plate again but instead received a number plate with a note saying they had not received my renewal for the special plate last October. Hmmm, that's unusual; been doing this for the last several years, maybe nine or ten. But that wasn't the only problem. The plate and the note did not come with a registration or an '08 tag which I failed to notice till John Fisher wondered where my GO GOLF plate had gone and how come it was an '04 license plate. Double hmmmmm. Here I am going out of town with an '04 license plate that is sure to be noticed by more than one passing motorist over the weekend, and probably one wearing a uniform. Jeesh. Guess I had better take care of that little problem, I said to myself. Which I did down at the Loogootee BMV office (which I thought had been closed; expected to be going to Washington). Took no time at all to get a duplicate registration and the appropriate tags. And I did prepay for the '08 GO GOLF plate. Me legal now.

On Politics

Did notice that a new poll is out, from Newsweek, showing the president with 26% approval. Hmmm, any idea why this man has the non support of 76% of the people? Wonder what Hoosiers think of him? I know a few who will support him till the day he leaves office. Then again I know a few more pretty strong Republicans who are sick and tired of the whole mess back there in Washington. Well, welcome to the sick-of-the-mess-in washington party, that would be the SOTMIW (pronounced sought meow) party. It's been around for years. You knew that, didn't you?

Do have a follow up on Dave Strange's talking yesterday about the dummies in DC, all those people back there who know so little. He was asked if part of the problem might be that Loogootee was hogging all the know-it-alls. Dave kinda admitted that we did have our share of those. And no one in our little golfing party exempted ourselves from status in that elite group, at least part of the time.

Haven't checked the sports page; haven't been listening to the radio; not home in time to catch the evening news. What's going on out there? What good stuff am I missing? Maybe more later. Go Golf, all you fanatics; it's good for you.

Early Friday Rain

Picture: Flowers from Diane's garden.

Been a long time since I woke to the sound of rain. What a lovely sound. Don't know how much we got, not much by everything I see here a the house on the hill. Imagine we'll all be able to find a way to get in some good golf today.

Diane left a message saying they were going on a picnic up in the mountains, that would be the mountains that surround Boise Idaho. She's out there taking up with her high school classmates of just a few years back. Hot out there too though probably very nice in the mountains. Wonder if I remember rightly, the Sawtooth Range? Lovely wild country, or used to be.

Guess the world is getting on without our close attention. For the better?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday's Other Stuff

Results were slow getting posted because I went out and played another nine holes with Jack Butcher and the Hudson Brothers.

Here's a link (what strong wrists will do for you) for an exercise that will strengthen your wrists. The author comments on how it has helped juniors with their distance; expect it might help seniors as well. Also supposed to help control.

Under War is still stupid:

Watched a Netflix dvd last night Two Days in October. A recent PBS special that combined a disaster of a couple of days in Vietnam with a disaster of a day on a Wisconsin campus where police clubbed students doing a protest against Dow (makers of napalm used in Vietnam to burn people and things horribly). One of the Viet Cong wonders why the United States invaded his country - did they think we were rich?

That was followed by another PBS program - real time, Wednesday evening fare - about the Iraqi war and the current surge. I was struck by the similarities of the pictures from the two different programs and mused to myself if one turns down the audio and just watches, it all could be one continuous war. People in uniform, gunships in the sky, troops running pell mell, dead both military and civilian all over the place. Blood and gore and violence to our fellow men. War is so stupid. In fact, it is more than stupid. I still haven't found Dante's ring of hell for these government leaders. I did think maybe the best thing would be to let them live a long long time with a variety of aches and pains that would make their days and nights a living hell, kinda like the living hell they are subjecting so many innocents to with the killing and the maiming that is going on daily in parts of the world. War is more than stupid - bears repeating.

So it goes.

Thursday Shot of the Day

Pictures: Dave Strange on #9 tee box talking about how little the people in Washington know; Bob Elliott, Dick Barber, John Chapman and Joe Gray finishing up on #3.

The results are posted. Some quick observations:

-Charlie Sheetz continues to play like the world's best golfer: gross 46, net 29 and a hole prize for a monster putt on #8.
-Helen Streepy gets two birdies - on #2 and on #9. That would tickle anyone pink.
-Dick Barber goes low with a 42 gross and a 26 net.
-Walt Bowens goes even lower with a38 gross and a net 25.
-Al Kavanaugh goes even lower, firing a super 34 gross!
-Allen Swayze and Charlie Sheetz go crazy with a team net score of 59. Holy Cow!
-Bob Norris and Sam Potts take over first place in the team competition. For how long? Been awfully volatile at the top.
-Mike Bird gets two hole prizes but will gladly turn them in for a decent score. Good neighbor Jack Lents would probably do the same with his one.
-tell me what I missed in the comment section.

Thursday Shot of the Day

Picture: Miki and Marty and a dog named Boo (1966 when we lived on Oakland, CA).
More good golf on it's way, and this time match play with the seniors. Look for Charlie Sheetz to play well again - he continues to practice almost daily and has growing confidence in his game. Don't expect much movement at the top in the individual competition though things could tighten up. Al Kavanaugh and John Chapman have been playing well too. It's another story in the team competition where four teams are within two and a half points of each other. Look for change there.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Teddy Roosevelt

Well, I finally finished Mornings on Horseback and I highly recommend it. Though it is not a rip roaring never put it down till done kind of book, it is about Teddy Roosevelt who is some kind of character, a good character, full of life and love and curiosity, and one who did much for his country in his time. Thank him not only for teddy bears but also for national forests and parks, righteousness and a sense of duty to his fellow man. He did much in his short life (he died when he was 60) from traveling the world to being a rancher (cowboy), author, politician and president. Am going to find out more about this unique man, read some more books on his life and times. Got any suggestions?

Wednesday Stuff

Diane was up and gone almost before I went to bed last night heading to Boise for a class reunion. She left behind an early morning construction crew just outside our west window. It was two men talking that woke me - now who could that be having a conversation on the other side of the bedroom so early in the morning, I asked myself as I rose from the deep sleep of a short Tuesday night? The rascals. Digging trenches to lay pipe. Very noisy now. Double rascals.

Good day of golf yesterday, what with the Tuesday Boyz Club and then Tuesday Men. Little break for me today though have to sub for Diane (Oma) in the Community League - gonna play with grandson Lucas sometime before Sunday evening. Senior League tomorrow and American Legion state tournament this weekend.

Our rain yesterday morning didn't amount to much, about a quarter of an inch, but as dry as we are it was much appreciated. Now for some more sun and dry.

Guess the rest of the world is taking care of itself. Did note that the mayor of NYC has left the Republican Party, declared himself an Independent. He once was a Democrat so I guess he's making the rounds and trying to find one that fits him. The report says he has enough money to fund a run at the presidency as an Independent but that that would be kind of silly because no Independent has won the White House in modern history. Makes me wonder about non modern history, or ancient history...

Gotta run. More later from the clubhouse. Come on out an play a round - birdies and eagles and aces are laying around all over the place.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday Shot of the Day

pictures: Mark Trout, John Foddrill, Mike and Tyler Kidwell on #9 green and heading to the clubhouse.

Should be a great golf day with the clouds providing some break from the sun and heat we've been blessed with. We should also see a further lowering of the average score for the group what with distance off the tee being lengthened by the dry and hard fairways.

Tiger and Elin have baby girl whose name will be Sam. Hmmm.

More later as scores are posted.

Update 7pm:

Still 15 golfers out there. Low score is Mark Potts 32; Phil Eyler had a 35. Scores not so low so far though Kirk Summers had a nifty 39 gross and net 27. Don Nolan had a 44 gross and a net 29. Those are good scores. More later.

Update 8:25pm:

Results are posted. The highlights:



Individual NOLAN, DON

Hole Prizes:

#3: Mark Anderson

#7: Greg Potts

#8: Tyler Kidwell

#9: Gary LaMar

Low Net Scores: Kirk Summers (27), Phil Hardwick (28)
Low Gross Scores: Mark Potts (32), Phil Eyler (35)

Average Gross Score 42.52
Prior 42.89 43.47 42.92
Average Net Score 34.64
Weeks 34.35 34.7 33.92

Update 10:30: pictures added.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday with the Birds

Pictures: Happy after dinner strollers and Diane's new critters (see below).

Dinner was fine and many Shoals folk that we have not seen for years were suddenly there saying hello and catching up, catching up as much as one can in such a setting. That was nice.

Diane's critters need names (or not - she has two little bunnies that smile up at us from the corner of the kitchen and have been so smiling for several years and remain unnamed). Of course, with or without names they are obviously saying something to each other. Have any idea what? Offer your suggestions in the comments.

Tomorrow Tuesday Boyz play in the morning and Tuesday Men play mostly in the afternoon after 4pm. But lots of room for you to come out and take advantage of all the magic that is in the air. Personal best scores being posted by our golfers these days. With the additional daylight that we have, there's even plenty of time for a round after the Tuesday Men get off of #1 tee box (reserved for them from 4 to 5:30pm).

So it goes.

Good stuff and not so good stuff

First the good stuff:

-Kay Sheetz goes for it on #1 and gets herself a birdie. Normally her drive on #1 gets just so far and she lays up short of the spillway. Today her drive was long enough to give her second thoughts. Her partner, Kim Jones, told her what the heck go for it. And Kay did that - hit the ball on the green and two putted for a super birdie. She was more than happy to pass that on.
-Wanda Haag and Susie Chanley were out there minding their own business and having a good old time with their golf game when their world collapsed underneath them. One of their cart wheels decided to take a break from its rim life and went flat and tried awfully hard to vacate the premises. Wanda and Susie were super cool, called the clubhouse where Sheryl got them a new cart in no time at all. The nice thing is that they went on to shoot their best round of the year, a net 30 for Wanda and a net 27 for Susie.
-which reminds me that Kay and Kim both came in with 44's which is a net 27 for Kay and a net 33 for Kim.
-Richard Swayze was also out there with Tom Taylor; Richard had a fine round, Tom not so fine.
-Junior Byron just came off the course; had an eagle on #4.
-sounds to me like the course is playing awfully easy today or else a lot of golfers had magic in their sticks today. If so, I would like a share of the magic, please.

Tuesday Boyz Club is here tomorrow. Eighteen holes, 8:30am start. You're welcome to join them. The more the merrier.

Dinner directly with the Batemans at Stolls. Going to dispense with the bad stuff for the moment. What the heck there was plenty of good stuff to go around; no need to spend even one minute with the ills of the world. At least for now.

Update 8:40pm: Tyler Walton also played today and had himself a good round, a 36.

Monday at the Course

Mid morning already and we have cloud cover. Just rained a tiny little bit, enough to close windows but not much else. Not stopping play and looks like most of the rain will be falling elsewhere. Darn. Maybe we'll get some tonight.

Watched a super movie yesterday morning with Lucas and Ian: Deja Vu with Denzel Washington, a high tech thriller set in New Orleans. A little bit of most everything, even a hint of love (but only a hint so don't let that stop you from getting it). Diane watched it after the Open and enjoyed it too.

More later.

Community League Results

The results are posted. Briefly:

Community League Week ending June 17, 2007 Event 5

Low Net Scores:

F Oma Bird (28)

SR Oma Bird (28)

M Kent Summers (30)

JR Clinton Burch (32)

Low Gross Scores:

M Tyler Walton (37)

F Wilma Bateman (43)

SR Wilma Bateman (43)

JR Jared Butcher (38)

Low Net Team

Oma Bird and Lucas Bird (61)

Current Wk Last Wk

Avg Gross Score: 48.15
48.3 49.38 48.64

Avg Net Score: 34.71
34.82 36.12 36.41

-Oma Bird had a good week as did her partner Lucas Bird. Lucas got his first birdie and didn't even realize it till he was told that #1 is a par 5 for him. He was very happy.
-Wilma Bateman is shooting well now that her eyes are fixed. And that shooting well has vaulted her into first place in the individual standings.
-Bob Norris and Clyde Wake still lead in the team category.
-the teams of brothers Jim and Phil Ader and father-in-law/son-in-law Jeff Brookshire and Justin Seal are making their move on the leaders. Watch out, Bob and Clyde.
-Tyler Walton, Jeff Brookshire, Jared Butcher and Kent Summers all came in with rounds in the 30's this week. Good stuff.
-best woman/woman team so far is the Shirley Jeffers and Diane Bird dynamic duo.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Sunday Funnies

Tiger has off day, finishes second again. Just couldn't come up with one of those patented Tiger finishes. As good as his yesterday was, one would have expected today to have been much better than it was. Of course, we know it was the golf goddess getting after him for missing all those opportunities yesterday. Made him work today. And that wasd almost good enough. That's not bad. Still just a second. Darn. Congrats to the Argintinian, Angel Cabrera. He really did gut it out - what a bundle of nervous energy he was.

And what was Jim Furyk thinking on #17 with the driver in his hands? He was tied for the lead and went into major risk mode. And lost. That 306 yard par four has to be something like our #2, right? A little better protected maybe. Going to have to ask Eric if he can do something about that. Did enjoy watching it - it was a good show right up to the very last putt.

USG League results are up. Community League will be up later.

Sunday Funnies

Eric is up in Indy going to a race with Marty. I was in charge of the greens mowing and watering. That meant up earlier than I have been in a long time. Kinda nice out there early in the morning.

And now home and watching the early part of the Open. Should be a honey of an afternoon. And as I do that I'll wander around the world via cyberspace and see if any funnies pop up and smack me in the face.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Streak is broken: no ace today

Pictures: Kathy and Alyn Zollars from Washington and Josh Huff with Addyson and Ayden, his niece and nephew, all out playing late this afternoon. (Don't forget that by clicking on the picture you can see it much enlarged.)

Darn. No hole-in-one today so the Saturday streak ends but we still have the one-a-week streak going with Scott McAtee's ace on Friday. (There were some golfers who finished late this evening who I did not talk with after they finished so there is the possibility that one of them did get an ace. I'm not holding my breath.)

Tiger goes out with Baddeley tomorrow in the final group. His game today was a thing of beauty - very enjoyable to watch. Had to go back to the golf course after his drive on #17 tee box so I missed his missed birdie on that hole and his bogey on #18.

Tomorrow is Fathers Day. A happy one to all the fathers out there. Turn up the notch a bit on being fatherly and give your kids a hug. Which reminds me: big hugs to my four - Miki, Marty, Eric and Danielle.

Saturday Scramble and Skins

Lets head on over to the golf course and see what we can make happen with a crooked stick and a small hard ball. Manager's Scramble starts at 8am - call in and sign up now or just be there by 7:45. Skin match follows. Shouldn't be any problem with distance this morning what with the ground dry and hard. So expect chipping and putting to be decisive; but then it usually is. And yes we still want that #5 today, that fifth consecutive Saturday with an ace here at Lakeview.

Wonder what the big guys are doing at the US Open about now? Shaking the sleep out of their eyes, drinking coffee, checking the news and their favorite blogs on the internet, getting ready to head to the practice range to hit a few dozen balls. I expect they are acting pretty much like you and me except the venue they are heading to is a little more slick and has all those people standing around. And of course all that tall stuff in the roughs that normal golfers would avoid like the plague and here these guys are getting mixed up in it all the time, making a mess of their score cards, subjecting themselves and others to serious injury. And for the most part not having any fun. Oh well. To each his own.

Okay. See you out north of town in a little bit.

Update 1:30pm:

Scramble results:

1. Mark Sherer-Greg Potts-Josh Huff-Sale DeLong (-7)
2. Mike Kidwell-Curt Johnson-Gary Webb (-5)
3. TylerKidwell-Kevin Byron-Joe Doyle (-3)
4. Mike Bird-Bryant Trambaugh-Charlie Sheetz (-1)

Sharpshooters: Mark Sherer-Greg Potts-Kevin Byron-Tyler Kidwell

Other news: Jeff Brookshire and Tracy Rayhill, golfing buddies, were out there playing 18. Each of them shot a 37 on one of their nines, a personal best for Tracy. Could have used these guys in the scramble, especially my team.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Scott McAtee, it's Saturday morning in Bangkok...

Update 10:20pm: added picture of Scott McAtee shortly after his ace on #7 today.

...but Friday afternoon here in Loogootee. And Scott just got himself a hole-in-one out at #7. Holy Cow! The good stuff just keeps raining down on us here at Lakeview. It's a little early for the 5th Ace-on-a-Saturday streak but what the heck, we'll acknowledge it and let the good times keep rolling on.

The particulars: Scott, 15 year old son of Steve and Stacy McAtee of Odon, measured the 115 yards to the hole at Lakeview's #7 just perfectly about 6pm this afternoon. Using his Ping eye 2 pitching wedge, he struck the Callaway Warbird ball and weatched as it sailed directly at the stick. Playing partner Matt Tucker said: "That looks like a good shot". It bounced once on the other side, spun back and dropped into the hole. Scott, Matt, and Clinton Burch, the third member of the party, were momentarily stunned at this very nice turn of events but recovered quickly enough to congratulate Scott and to spread the good news. Indeed Scott had a very nice shot and now joins the ranks of those fortunate few with golfing aces.

Reminder to Satuday-at-Lakeview golfers: We will still be looking for that streak to continue. Numer five is on the horizon. Lets go get it.

More Friday Follies

Pictures: Erin Nelson and Ian Bird at #1 along with Lucas and Eric and Ian on #8 tee box


Watching the Open on NBC. Tiger just managing a bogey on #2 to go to +4. Angel leading at -1. Tough rough.


We shouldn't have left them alone. Things have gotten worse. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. The only good thing about leaving them alone is that we stop worrying for a spell. What a mess it all is. Anybody have any ideas how to make things better?

Heading back to the golf course for all the good golfing going on in the cool of the evening. See you there.

Friday Follies


Cavs get broomed; not unexpected though those of us for the Cavs wished it were different. Oh well. Unlike the old Brooklyn Dodgers who until 1955 (I think that was the year they finally won the World Series after a gazillon tries) were always saying "wait till next year", the Cavs prospects of winning, and maybe winning over and over, in the near future are more than probable. So who is going to be LeBron's Scottie?

Conditions still brutal at the Open, as we would want it. Paul Casey -3 through 8 and Aaron Baddeley -2 through 17 for the day but most everybody else trying to say even.

Out here at Lakeview, conditions are dry and hot. Several USG players out there plus a few Community League players. Charlie Sheetz, who along with Curt Johnson, are the two most improved players around this year, has already got his nine in. Curt doing 18.

Don't forget about the hunt for #5 tomorrow, all day, any time of the day. Looking for that 5th hole-in-one-on-a-Saturday here at Lakeview. That would be the 5th Saturday in a row.


Diane finished the rest of Volver last night while I wrapped things up out here. She said it was light and pleasant. Asked her if I should roll it back and watch the last hour. Since her response was not enthuastic, I went on to other things. Tonight maybe a little bit of Denzel Washington in Deja Vu.

The Rest of the World

On hold for the moment... (smile)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Picture: Jake Strange and his cheering section earlier today, Mz. Wininger.

Hot and dry at the golf course today. That suits some, like Kent Summers who shot a season best 39 in his Community League outing.

Count down has started on Saturday golf at Lakeview. You remember that golfers go for Lakeview's fifth Saturday in a row where wome golfer throws one down from the tee box. So far we had Wininger, Walton, Hand and Gilbertson. Who's the next one?

Tiger close at the Open. Cavs losing by five at halftime. World still turning. Cheers.

Thursday Shot of the Day

Picture: Pam Byron after play this morning.

The highlights of today's Senior League action:

Hole Prizes:

#3: Jim Bateman

#7: Mike Bird

#8: Al Kavanaugh

#9: Ken Hudson

Low Net Individuals: Wilma Bateman (-10), Charlie Sheetz (-7)

Low Net Team: Bateman/Bird (-13)

Low Gross Scores: Al Kavanaugh (+1), Jack Butcher/Rex Hudson/Jack Lents (+5)

Average Gross Score 46.85
prior 47.26 46.36 46.92

Average Net Score 33.91
weeks 34.26 33.3 33.39


-Jack Butcher was moaning and groaning with his second shot on #4, one of those miss hits that scoots along the ground and sometimes runs forever. This one ran and ran and then ran some more and finally came to rest just short of the green about 15 feet from the pin. You already know the rest of the story - Jack putts it in for an eagle. Life is so unfair sometimes...
-Wilma Bateman a super day with a gross 44, net 26. Takes low net honors.
-Charlie Sheetz also had a super day: 46 gross and 28 net. Solidifies his hold on the top position.
-Wayne Pearl with the help of Betty Kemp takes the Pearl/Foster team into first place.
-Dale DeLong got Anna Mosby to sub for Vic Wallace and then completely forgot how to play golf. Anna did fine, btw.
-Mike Bird (that's me) had six pars but finished six over. Not good stuff with a triple bogey at #1, a double bogey at #2 and a single bogey at #9. Yuk.

Warm Up

Picture: Wilma Bateman tuning up for today's play late yesterday afternoon.

Sunny and warm today. Expect good golfing. Charlie Sheetz continues his almost daily practice rounds and shot at least one 45 in the past several days. He could be tough to knock out of first place today. Don Lannan and Virgil Harper lead in the team competition but four other teams, including the Norris/Potts team, are close enough to catch them today. Bob Norris has been playing well of late. Leaders are fairly warned: be on your guard today.

Diane has already scooted over to the golf course; best I be doing the same thing.