Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rivet girls win semistate

Went up to BNL this afternoon and watched the Vincennes Rivet girls win their semistate match up with University. Grrrrreat!
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Big Ben, Loogootee version

I hadn't seen the Lion boys in action for several weeks and was surprised at the agressive play, like, take it to the basket now, boys! Ben Hogan was especially effective at doing just that.
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Balloon Bearer

Another Lakeview golfer at the game Thursday night was pressed into service as a Kelly Balloon Bearer. Kelly, his daughter, was one of the senior Lionettes heralded during halftime.
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A pretty good coach from a school just west of Loogootee along with a Lakeview golfing champion.

And another pretty good coach from times past who is also a Lakeview golfing ace. The North Daviess coach was also in the stands at Thursday's game. He takes his team up against the Lions in one of the first sectional games next Tuesday. Eric, Lucas and Ian will be cheering for the Cougars; I'll have to cheer for all the youngsters but look for me with a yellow vest in a sea of orange.
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Friday, February 27, 2009

J-lo and a kitchen gathering

Colleen's horse giving me the eye earlier today when I was up in Odon picking up the boys.

Ian giving Lucas and Oma the what-for about something that is more than obvious to him but maybe still a bit mysterious to the taller people in the building. The boys are down for the night (we watched two action movies: Hancock with Will Smith and Windtalker with Nicolas Cage) and for the day tomorrow.
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Youngest lady on the court

She took to the court once the ball game was over last night, decided she liked what she saw, then gave herself a big round of applause. A little cutie. More of last night's photos can be seen at webshots as well as previous blogs.
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More Photos from Boys BB Game

One of the many young athletes in the audience.

Senior Lionettes have the central part of the floor during halftime.

Baloon bearers (for the senior lionettes) and attentive fans.

The Loogootee cheerleaders at an inbetween time.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Girls at the Boys Basketball Game

Young Lion fan.

Diane and Lindsey, part of the half time entertainment.

Three of the WRV cheerleaders.

More young Lion fans.
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Post game consolation...

...a hug from dad.
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1966 was a very good year...

Marty, drinking something that was 'good to the last drop', and Diane the year after our return from Japan. Lived in Oakland, CA.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Diane and Marty and Miki in Oakland

Once upon a time we lived in a place called Oakland. We dressed in coats and ties and shoes and plaid coats and had a barette in our hair. Our faces were scrubbed clean and we smiled big for the camera as our dad took our picture. That's our mom standing behind us.
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One I haven't seen before

The Bufflehead, North America's smallest diving duck. Spotted them out at Boggs yesterday afternoon. Maybe I can get some more photos today though the Boggs ducks tend to be very shy and want plenty of distance between them and anything looking like a man. Pretty bird with all that white, the male; and then the female, sporty with that slash of white across her cheek. Guess the other female is diving? Never did see a fourth.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Notes on a Tuesday Morning

-Been finishing up the taxes, both business and personal. I'm more than ready to be done with them for another year.
-For all you Facebook fans, don't miss this George W Bush day one on FB. It's from dkos so don't be expecting anything real serious.
-Diane's off to see another new medical provider. She's moves around the area trying to find I don't know what. Don't think it's anything like back in the '60's when a lot of us Catholics trolled the diocese for a priest who agreed with our personal preferences for what the Church should be, both directions, right and left, rigid and orthodox or loosey-goosey and some shade of modern (we looked and found a shade of modern).
-Eric's putting together a plan for a wood splitter. Our wood heater will be up and running by the next heating season and his own has been in operation for several seasons now. And we have a good source of wood over in Lost River. The wood splitter will keep me from losing my golf swing with the bulking up of my arms and shoulders (?!). Must admit that Eric's game has improved over the last several years in spite of the wood chopping activity; but I think that is more staying ahead of son Lucas whose own golf game is improving in leaps and bounds.
-Time for a walk - west on St. Mary's Road till I run into the dogs up around St. Mary's Church, and then back.

Monday, February 23, 2009

More Regional Photos 2

Action in the Regional final won by the girls in white.

Young fans getting ready to storm the court once the final horn sounds.

A couple of happy Rivet players.
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More Regional Photos

The Rivet girls just before taking the floor for the their first game Saturday against NE Dubois.

On the line...

Familiar faces around Loogootee.

Pacing young Rivet fan along with another familiar face in the upper left watching the action.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crosstie Freight Cars

Just a couple of blocks west of the Square in downtown Loogootee, these freight cars transport one of our local products: crossties. Note the cars are filled almost to the brim. For the Monochrome Maniacs in the world. More b&w's from around the world can be found here.
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Idle Hoops

Hard to imagine idle hoops in late February in hoop crazy Indiana. Everybody was inside the two gyms at North Daviess Community schools this Saturday afternoon. The Regionals in girls basketball was being held in the high school while the 3rd and 4th graders were playing in the elementary school. This is my entry in the Picture Social February contest whose theme is black and white.
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rivet wins regional

As the regional final winds down, a couple of Rivet players relax and share a laugh. Rivet beat South Central in a closer game than the final score would indicate: 55-44. The write-up from the Vincennes Sun Commercial is here.
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Kids at the Regional

Some of the younger spectators, both attentive and inattentive, at the regionals earlier today.
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