Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday Shot of the Day

Arvin, Arthur and Wininger just before their round earlier today.
more men on a hill

more comments:

-I see I missed both Phil Eyler and Short Jeffers getting to that magic number, zero on their handicap. Congrats.
-Mark Potts is also at zero while Dave Wininger goes back to 1.
-change at the top in the individual competition but with lots of time left for more changes before the end of league. look for a poll tomorrow...
-welcome two new subs this week: Bryce Crane and Mark Sherer. Bryce had the better of the two rounds. Good to see Chad Wade and Mark Anderson also in the sub ranks today.
-in team competition, Carrico and Parsons remain on top but race is tightening. Change next week? Templin/Nolan and Butcher/Doyle teams poised to strike?
-feathers in the cap to the sharpshooters: Mitch Jeffers, Mark Potts, Junior Byron and Tyler Kidwell.
-Terry Butcher and Steven Downey had eagles; Terry on #4, Steven on #2.
-Congrats to the low net scorers of the week: Brent Courter with a 27; and Steven Downey and Phil Ader with their 29's. Phil is having a pretty good couple of weeks. Keep it up, Phil.

Tuesday Shot of the Day

Tuesday Men results are up. The highlights:

LAKEVIEW GOLF COURSE Tuesday Men's League July 31, 2007 Event 17




Individual BYRON, KEVIN


Hole Prizes:

#3: Mitch Jeffers

#7: Mark Potts

#8: Junior Byron

#9: Tyler Kidwell

Low Net Scores: Brent Courter (27), Steven Downey/Phil Ader (29's)

Low Gross Scores: Terry Butcher (32), Short Jeffers/Steven Downey/Mark Potts (34's)

-super night for Terry Butcher and Kevin Byron!
-heading home; more later...

More Tuesday Stuff

-The B team won the Tuesday Boyz scramble this morning. More details at their club.

-Longest serving Republican senator in history has his home raided by FBI. Pretty sad way to end a fairly distinguished (I assume) career as a public servant. That would be in disgrace - if it ends up that way.

-Cubbies lost yesterday and missed chance to move into first. When was the last time the Cubbies were in first this late in the season?

-I see Brady Quinn (Notre Dame QB picked by the Cleveland Browns) is a hold out. Jeesh...

-Bonds goes for 755 (homeruns), Glavine for 300 (wins). Super accomplishments by two super stars.

-Jack Walsh dead: super coach and what a great job he did in helping Joe Montana reach his potential.

-Tuesday Men playing.

Tuesday Shot of the Day

So, at the 500, the starter says, Gentlemen and Ladies, start your engines. And in baseball, it's Play Ball! And at the golf course, it's.........? I guess it's just an announcement of the first golfer on the tee box, where's he's from, and what he has accomplished recently or some other item of note. Like for instance, Now on the tee box, from Loogootee, Indiana, premier story teller and part of the winning team of the most recent Lakeview Manager's scramble, (drum roll please), JOE DOYLE!

Well, something like that, I guess. Today, the Tuesday Men take center stage. This has been a year of changes at the top in this league and today will probably see more change. Keith Parsons has a slim lead in the individual competition but anyone of the following eight could take over after play today. Kevin Byron has been playing awfully well (and I don't want to jinx him here) and he did come out last night and best his Dad and Mom in a round of friendly competition. John Foddrill was also out last night, with Jackie, and he too has a shot at the top spot today. Dave Strange is still a serious contender though he lost ground by missing the show last week; I would expect a freshened golfer and one ready to leapfrog his nearest competitors. And lets not forget Charlie Lyon who had the hot hot beginning and knows how to sit easily at the head of the table.

In team competition, Bill Carrico comes out and shoots rounds in the low forties and an occasional 30 something then pairs up with his father-in-law in league play and balloons a little but not so much that the team has been hurt. Maybe it's his turn today to fire the low score. He and Keith are up by forty some points; I would think it would be pretty hard for them to be knocked out of first today. But, things happen. Dave Wininger and Dan Steiner have been on a roll and look to close the gap some today. And George Templin, who was also out last night getting in some practice with Joy Doyle, and his partner Don Nolan, would love to end up on top tonight.

So, Tuesday Men, whack the ball! And then go whack it again.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Wrap

Items of interest for a Monday

-Kent Summers fires a 36 in Community League play; best ever.
-Kim Jones barely misses a hole-in-one on #9 Sunday afternoon; rolls in twelve foot putt from off the green for a birdie.
-Diane Bird just misses a hole-in-one on #7 earlier today; buries five foot putt for birdie.

On Tuesday:

-Tuesday Boyz come in for an 18 hole scramble at 8:30. It's open so come on out and join us.
-Tuesday Men go at it again with Parsons and Carrico leading in the team competition and Parsons in the individual competition.

More about my Dad (and me)

He's a convert to the Catholic faith. He moved to South Bend in 1950 to organize and start a Great Books program at the University of Notre Dame. And in the academic year of 1960-1961, he said nary a word to his second son who chose to study three novels of D.H. Lawrence for his senior thesis in the aforementioned program. The novels: Sons and Lovers, Women in Love, and Lady Chatterley's Lover. In retrospect, I find that amazing and marvelous. And makes me wonder how much flack he took for 'allowing' such a thing at the preeminent Catholic University in America. Or raised eyebrows.

And so it goes for another day. World turns (or at least I'm assuming it does...)
Items that caught my eye early on a Monday morning:

-Picture of Natalie Gulbis clutching her first trophy after winning the Evian Masters

-Obit on Ingmar Bergman whose movies would play at the Avon Theatre in South Bend and were much the thing to see and talk about among the college crowd. It was also at the Avon Theatre that I saw Danielle Darrieux, French actress and beauty, for the first time in a movie, The Red and the Black (excellent movie and book, btw). I remember going home that night and telling my dad that I had fallen in love with her. He stopped me in my tracks by saying that he too as a young man some twenty years earlier had fallen in love with her. Holy Cow... I had forgotten that she also played in Lady Chatterley's Lover, a movie based on the novel by D.H. Lawrence.

-Former VP Al Gore getting a WAPO editorial and taking current VP to the woodshed for trashing the office. His concluding paragraph suggests in an oblique way his rosy opinion of the current office holders: "...Since the Carter administration left office, we have been criticized for many things. Yet I remain enormously proud of what we did in those four years, especially that we told the truth, obeyed the law and kept the peace...."

Ok, 'nough for now as Diane has risen from the dead - thought she would sleep in forever this morning after all her traveling yesterday...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

League Reports

Community and USG League results are posted. Community League highlights:

Community League Week ending July 29, 2007 Event 11




Individual: WAKE, CLYDE


Round of the Week: ADER, PHIL 27

Low Net Scores:

Women Oma Bird (32)

Senior Richard Swayze (29)

Men Phil Ader (27)

Junior Lucas Bird (33)

Low Gross Scores:

Men Tyler Walton (36)

Women Kim Jones (47)

Senior Richard Swayze (38)

Junior Matt Tucker (41)

Low Net Team ADER AND ADER 58

Some great scores this week by Community League players: Richard Swayze, Phil Ader, Oma Bird and Tyler Walton just for starters. More later - it's dark out there and I gotta get home...

Butcher-Gee Scramble Update

Dave W. filled me in a bit more and told me Jack's team was made up of two Swartzentrubers but that they were Mike and Dean, not Mike and Brian. Still a very strong team. And still they did awfully well to get to 19 under. Congrats to them and all who participated in the scholarship event.
Grandsons on the golf course.

Recognize this small town corner and brickwork?

Clifford, CJ and Katie just before teeing off this afternoon.

More Sunday Funnies

This and That as I Cruise Through Cyberspace

-Tom Watson wins a gazillionith major in Britain. He's close to owning the whole island.
-Jim Furyk storming at the Canadian Open: birdie, birdie, then a hole-in-one at the 5th, no, the 4th. Up by two at the moment.
-Natalie Gulbis wins the Evian Masters when she birdies the first playoff hole. I know at least one local golfer who thinks she is the cat's meow.
-Michelle Wie fires a even par on her last nine holes; is encouraged.

Something with a little more heft and it has to do with 'shunning', which is...

"...the act of deliberately avoiding association with, and habitually keeping away from an individual or group...."

From dKos and Fox News, we learn that support for the current AG is running pretty low at the moment.
Fox News couldn't find any Republicans to defend Gonzales. Oh oh. Not good news.

Golfers pouring in to the golf course. Guess I'll go take a walk...

Sunday Funnies

On Butcher-Gee Scramble

More details. Turns out Jack was paired with just a few of the neighborhood kids: Mike Swartzentruber, Brian Swartzentruber, Kelly Strawn Williams. And Kent's 15 under was good for a tie for third place but the prize went to the TJ McAtee team because TJ dropped one in the hole from the tee box at hole #18. Joe Allen told me his team was ten under after nine, took a break for something to eat, then stormed the last nine and finished at twelve under. So what was in that food, Joe?

On William Faulkner

Pam and Kevin Byron and I were in the clubhouse late yesterday afternoon passing time waiting for Junior who was taking grandkids back home (Scotland, if I remember correctly). While we were waiting we were discussing good literature and trying to come up with the names of some of the books we had read. Had a terrible time - everywhere we looked we drew blanks, especially with the most famous of William Faulkner's many novels. Turns out that would be The Sound and the Fury. Tried to remember Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and couldn't. And then there was the popular mystery/thriller writer of the '90's and now, hmmm, what is his name? Grissom? Oh well. Get on with it, Michael. What got us started on books was a camper over to play some golf who's name was Faulkner and he even has an idea for a book. But for the moment, golf with his seven year old son with wife and two younger kids along for the ride.

On Ladies' Golf

Natalie Gulbis in the clubhouse at four under; two others with two to play also at four under - Inkster and Gustafson. Wie? Finished at +16. Ouch.

Hey! It's beautiful out there. Better get yourself to the golf course.

Saturday Wrap

Picture: Long time golfers Herb and Loretta Roach at #6 green.

On the Butcher-Gee Scramble

Kent Summers was out for some more golf and gave me some of the skinny on the Butcher-Gee Scramble. Like, Jack Butcher's team at 19 under took the trophy; like Kent's team score of 15 under didn't amount to a hill of beans even though they thought it was a pretty good score (other team members included James Hager, Paul Hart and, hmmm, don't remember at the moment the fourth player... me bad). So who was the ringer on Jack's team?

On the Cubbies

They win a ho hummer against the Reds, 8-1.

On the AG

Via dKos, NYT in tomorrow's edition suggesting Gonzales be impeached if the Senate requested special prosecutor is not appointed. Ok, I'm for that. In fact, why wait; lets just go ahead and get the dirty deed over and done with; let the man live in peace somewhere.

So it goes and that is enough for this day.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bad Days Happen

In Ladies' Golf

Michelle Wie goes haywire, fires an 84 at the Evian Masters. Yikes... Julie Inkster leads and if she wins will be the oldest woman to win an LPGA event. That's cool. Go Julie.

In Politics

More details on the Gonzo inability to tell the truth (about some things). Had to do with the administration's desire to continue to data mine (and breech the privacy rights of millions of Americans) and the DOJ's saying: hey, guys, that's not right... DOJ guys ready to walk out, and if I remember rightly both the AG and the head of the FBI were part of this group of guys, if administration persisted in what they (the DOJ guys) considered unlawful activity. Of course, you remember that the administration believes that anything the president does in wartime is lawful. What a crock.

In Local Golf

Haven't heard what happened in the Butcher-Gee Scramble. Good news for some; not so good news for a lot of others. Of course they had a good time win or lose.

Souerdike Team Tastes Sweet Victory

Scramble Results

1. Wayne Souerdike, Spencer Souerdike, Lee Wininger, Joe Doyle (-4)
2. Doug Denson, Tom Holt, Greg Poole (-4)
2. Mike Bird, Kevin Byron, Gary Webb (-4)

Sharpshooters: Mike Bird, Tom Holt (2), Spencer Souerdike
Note: Ian Bird pulls the winning card for the Souerdike team.

Saturday's Play Time

Saturday Scramble and Skins coming up in a few hours... I'll be there.

The movie, A Soul Haunted by Painting, is excellent. Chinese with subtitles. It gets a five star rating from me. Gong Li is absolutely terrific portraying the Chinese painter Pan Yuliang.

Other News of Note

Bonds withing one of tying record; walked four times by Marlins. What a crock; pitch to the man.

Leading ladies just about ready to start their third round in France. Annika Sorestam in the hunt at -4, three back of the leaders. Guess Michelle Wie is in the hunt too; just seven back with two days of play. Not impossible. Go Michelle.

Go to golf course now. Play time.

Friday, July 27, 2007

More Friday Follies

Eric trimming.
Denny and Sharon playing.

On Eagle View Golf

Tomorrow's Butcher-Gee Scramble starts at 10 and I hear they have a full complement of teams. Need gallery though and I don't think the tickets are very expensive.

The VFW Scramble is on the 4th and starts at 8am. You do make your own team but with restrictions.

On Ladies Golf

Evian Masters
is through the second round. Michelle Wie fires a one under and makes the cut and sits at even par for the tournament. Seven under leads.

On Movies

Watching this one in pieces: A Soul Haunted by Painting. Chinese with subtitles.

Weather is rainy at the moment. Much needed but it could have waited till after dark. Oh well. Should be lovely in a half hour or so.

So it goes for now.

Friday Follies

On Ladies Golf

At the Evian Masters, Lorena Ochoa shot a 72, Annika Sorenstam a 71, Michelle Wie a 73. The leaders are at 6 under having fired 66's. Dare we say that the Wie girl might be back in the saddle? Or at least somewhere in the vicinity of the stable?

On Butcher-Gee

The now annual event is bringing them in from all over, or at least from Minnesota and Arizona.. Playing tomorrow at Eagle View. Lakeview will be open for the spill over and all those choosing not to play in that charity event. The usual 8am Manager's Scramble followed by a skin match. BTW, the VFW is also having its annual golf outing at Eagle View and George Foster brought by a flyer earlier this week so you can sign up at our place. That event is scheduled for August 4th.

On The Mess

And that would be what's happening in our Nation's capital. And yes I have been keeping up on the latest developments. And yes I think maybe things are heating up especially in the Gonzo lets-tell-the-absolute-truth thingee. Truth will out.

On Diane

She was up way early and off to Indy where she meets up with Marty and they are then off to Colorado for a reunion. She will be back...

So it goes for now. I'm off to the golf course down the road and around the corner.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today's Pictures

Helen and Diane

Dave and Walt

Jack and Jim and Morris and Leroy

Sheila and Jim and Wilma and Jim and Kevin - all Batemans. Correction: the Sheila and Jim on the left have Wilma's maiden name, Jim being her brother.

Potts and Norris Shine, Pam Byron Too!

Senior League results are posted. Here are the highlights:

LAKEVIEW GOLF COURSE Fifty Plus League July 26, 2007 Event 14





Hole Prizes:

#3: George Foster

#7: Jack Lents

#8: Morris Cornelius

#9: Don Lannan

Low Net Individuals: Pam Byron (28), Dave Strange (29)

Low Net Team: Don Lannan/Virgil Harper (sub Gary LaMar) (60)

Low Gross Scores: Jack Butcher, Mike Bird (37's)

Average Gross Score 44.74
prior 46.75 46.49

Average Net Score 33.74
weeks 35.17 34.71

-Sam Potts (net 31) and Bob Norris (net 33) each had good days and that was enough to whip up on Dave Strange and Clyde Wake. Still hold first in the hotly contested team race.
-Pam Byron had a super day, fired the low round of the day, a net 28, and came in second on two hole prizes as well.
-Charlie Sheetz had a day to forget but figures it's still going to be pretty hard to knock him out of first place. He's right there but things do happen, Charlie...
-Jack Butcher had a good day but didn't like the idea of him and Rex getting beat by a couple of ladies. Ah, handicap golf; sometimes it's a rascally thing...
-the ladies, Diane Bird and Helen Streepy, had good days, both shooting net 34's.
-Dave Strange had a good day as well, shooting a net 29, a gross 41 and finds himself in as good a position as anyone to catch Charlie.
-and guess who's in contention again - Mr. Don Lannan, a one time king of the league. He shot as net 30, a gross 41, and got a hole prize to boot.
-Dave Trinkle and Walt Bowens took me out to the woodshed (I've been there several times this year...) with Dave firing a nifty 39 gross and a net 33.

Seniors Time to Shine

Seniors are up first today With Charlie, Bob and Sam leading in the standings. That would be Charlie Sheetz, Bob Norris and Sam Potts. Am wondering if Charlie is so far in front now that what we have left is a battle for second in the individual competition (?) Not willing to concede anything yet though in that second place battle Jack Butcher is the current leader. Bob and Sam on the other hand have all sorts of contenders for the top spot in the team competition. Clyde Wake and Dave Strange take them on head to head today. Should be a good match. Should be a good morning to play golf with no rain forecast till this afternoon.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday Wrap

Picture: Ian says: "I am not standing next to a girl."

Jack Butcher was out this evening with son-in-law Chris and grandson Ben and Curt Johnson. He drove by as I was installing a new ball washing machine there at number one tee box. He wondered if they had come from China (by slow freighter). I assured him that they (there's a new one out at number seven tee box too!) came not from China but rather from the moon.

On that movie we watched this afternoon, The Last Waltz: Diane gave it a rating of 5. Highest one available. And she gives those about once every blue moon.

Tomorrow's another day.

Community League Tournament

The results of the Community League Individual Handicapped Tournament are posted. Congratulations to the winners, Justin Seal and Tom Taylor, each of whom shot a net 60 over the last two weeks. Kay Sheetz and Lucas Bird came in tied for third having shot rounds of 63. Diane Bird was fifth with a round of 65.

More Midweek Stuff

Congratulations to the Graber Brothers, Marvin and Norman, for winning the Team Tournament recently completed in the Tuesday Men's League. At the start of the tournament, they were at the bottom of the Team standings. Nice reversal of fortune.

Finished with the setting of the grounding rod for the new antenna. Took a false start, a step ladder and a half hour with a sledge hammer (with plenty of rests) to slam the fool thing into this hard ground around this house on the hill. Now we're ready for that lightning strike (and no I am not going to say "bring it on...").

Diane's in the living room watching The Last Waltz.

(from Netflix: On Thanksgiving Day 1976, more than 5,000 cheering fans gathered for the historic farewell concert of The Band, a Canadian country-soul-R&B group formed in 1960. Director Martin Scorsese was present at the big event and later edited the concert footage to create this documentary, interspersing band interviews with performances by legends such as Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Emmylou Harris.)

Listening is a more apt term. I'm enjoying from the dining area.

Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake writes a moving description of what it means to be partisan in the very positive sense of the word and takes to the woodshed the likes of Lieberman and Barack Obama for their blanket condemnations of the supposed 'partisanship' of the Democrats. The moving part is her description of going to the Holocaust Museum with the child of Holocaust survivors. Go read it; you'll be moved.

Tomorrow morning we have the Seniors out for match play. And (I was reminded by Tyler Walton) I'll post the results of the recent Community League Individual Handicapped Tournament completed with play this last Sunday.

Pictures: John Walker at Greenwells prior to his nifty round of 36 in league yesterday afternoon. Norman Graber with his personal gallery, daughter Kayla, just before his league round.

On Truthtelling

Senators Spector (rep.) and Leahy (Dem.) tell Gonzales flat out that he is a non truth teller at contentious hearing yesterday. Here's a direct quote from the Republican Senator Spector from the WAPO article:

"..."Mr. Attorney General, do you expect us to believe that?" Specter asked incredulously...."

Too bad more stuff like that was not said in exactly that tone of voice by those who were in charge of oversight during these past several years. In the end, truth will out. Sure is taking a long long time in this matter. And then there are all those other things (like the start up to the war, the corruption of the likes of Delay, Ney, and the 'Dukester', the vote fraud scandals, both real and imagined, for example) we want to get the straight skinny on as well; this could take a little longer than forever at the current pace.

On Tuesday Men

-In Individual competition, big changes at the top as Trenton Kidwell tumbles to fourth behind the likes of Keith Parsons, Kevin Byron and Don Nolan. Holy Cow!
-Keith is playing so well that he has been able to drag his son-in-law into first place in the Team competition. Bill hoping to contribute next Tuesday.
-Kevin Byron playing scary well; watch out Pops Junior. Both played well yesterday.
-Dave Wininger takes the more difficult route to his sterling 32 yesterday: gets birdies on holes one, two and five and settles for pars on the easier four and six.
-John Walker, Phil Eyler and Charlie Lyon come in with two 36's and a 43. Course is playing way too easy or these guys are getting awfully good. Mid season form, I guess.
-The other Kidwells, Tyler and Mike, scored well with rounds of 36 and 37. Trenton can lean on their shoulders this week.

Diane ready to head to the golf course for a morning of golf; I need to get over there myself as I have the clubhouse. So, I'm out of here. But hey, do come play some golf, it's yet another beautiful July day here in Loogootee land.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Shot of the Day

Results are posted for Tuesday Men. Big change in the Individual standings. Great night for Dave Wininger, Keith Parsons, Bryant Trambaugh and Short Jeffers (and others too!). More later.

Tuesday Men and then some...


1. Dean Winkler and John Drake on #7 green; John's prize marker.
2. Colin Nelson and Lucas Bird on #4 tee; future Tuesday Men.
3. Bob Gilley and Murray Stuckey, the aforementioned Tuesday Men on Monday, after play yesterday.

Tuesday's Other Stuff

On Healthcare

Here's an example of available health care outside the United States. The author was more than satisfied with the super care that he was given and contrasts it with what has happened or would have happened here in the US.

On War and Anger and Hate

That would be anger and hate toward the United States for what is happening to in Iraq. Here's a cut to the quick blog on some of the after effects of our war policies of the last several years. Not pretty.

Hmmm, things taking a not nice turn here. Time to move on, head to the golf course, appreciate the warming sun overhead and the green grass 'neath my feet.

Tuesday Shot of the Day

Interesting fact: Last year's leaders at this time went on to win in both the Individual competition (Terry Padgett) and in the Team competition (Mike Breeden and Danny Jones). Will history repeat itself? That would be good news for Trenton Kidwell, Bill Carrico and Keith Parsons.

Will post the results of the Team Tournament after play tonight once all rain delayed scores from a week ago are entered.

Ok, time for Tuesday Men to show their stuff. Feathers in the caps for the low shooters today, that would be for both gross and net.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Wrap

Well, have a picture of a couple of Tuesday Men on Monday, Bob Gilley and Murray Stuckey, but I left it at the golf course; will have to wait till tomorrow.

Today in the Community League, Richard Swayze shot a 38, a mighty fine score for Thursday League's super sub and the Community League's gain; plays with his nephew, Tom Taylor. Bryce Crane also shot a 38, a low league score for him though not his best ever. Don't know if that was Swayze's best ever; I would guess his best in a long time. Murray Stuckey and Bob Gilley out playing skins with Ward Smith; saw a lot of money passing towards the man named Bob.

Learned about the K of C scramble from Curt Johnson: Winners at 11 under: Mark Richardson, Curt Johnson, Mark Trout and Kevin Downey (first place and the only skin!). Second place went to the team of Steven Downey, Mark Sutton, Ward Smith and Will Trout who also shot 11 under and lost it on the cards. Lots of Downeys and Trouts in the winners' circle.

Tomorrow, Tuesday Boyz Club is in Jasper at the Muni at 9am. Tuesday Men have their league; expect change. Right now, Trenton Kidwell leads the individual competition; Bill Carrico and Keith Parsons the team competition.

Ok, that's a wrap. See you in the morning.

Monday at the Bird House

On Politics and Presidents and Kings

Good editorial in the NYTimes (via WAPO) this morning expressing some thoughts on what the Founding Fathers did to keep the president from acting like a king (as pointed out by the writer, the FF's were revolutionaries and hated kings). Primary check and balance item: funding. Here's the concluding paragraph of the article but do go read the whole thing - it's worth a minute or two of your time:

"...Members of Congress should not be intimidated into thinking that they are overstepping their constitutional bounds (in debating the war and in using the power of the purse to stop it). If the founders were looking on now, it is not Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who would strike them as out of line, but George W. Bush, who would seem less like a president than a king...."

Of course, we knew that already, that acting like a king business. It's the imperial presidency of gwb that has been a story for several years now.

On Tiger and the Saturday Scrambles and the Kidwell Boys

He hasn't won in his last five events now, matching longest winless streak in three years (from cbssports.com). That's impressive, the fact that he hasn't gone more than five events without winning. Kind of like Dave Wininger and the Saturday Scramble this year although I think Dave hasn't gone more than one, at the most two, scrambles without collecting the prize money. Time for a challenger or two to step up and seize the opportunity. Trenton? Tyler? Three of our hottest golfers and that's not counting Phil Eyler. Trenton has the last win.

On Doing Other Things

That means it's time for me to go do something else, like finish up the wiring to the antenna, it needing to be shortened and attached to the house in some fashion.

Go golf. It's good for you.

Mystery Golfer

Picture: Hey! Another mystery golfer from our senior league!

Happy Monday morning! And yes it's way too early for me to be up but that kind of thing happens when you spend the previous two mornings getting up at 4:30 to get to a golf outing in a different time zone. BTW, news is that we are going eastern and probably this fall. More nighttime daylight. Gonna be playing golf till bedtime - that means you won't have to do the sit-in-the-chair, fall-asleep-in-front-of-the-tv thingee. Or else become a night owl.

Looks like an awfully good day to go play golf, maybe an awfully good week. Pulling together the news for Larry's paper (another btw: see that Larry had a pretty good day Saturday with a scramble win and two hole prizes.) More later.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

League Reports

Community and USG reports are posted. Community League highlights:

Community League Week ending July 22, 2007 Event 10



Individual: WAKE, CLYDE


Low Net Scores:

Women Diane Bird (33)

Senior Diane Bird (33)

Men Justin Seal, Tom Taylor (29's)

Junior Clinton Burch (33)

Low Gross Scores:

Men Tyler Walton, Jon Boyd (37's)

Women Kim Jones (44)

Senior Bob Walton (42)

Junior Scott McAtee (37)

Low Net Team Tom Taylor and Richard Swayze (63)

Back Home in Loogootee

After a successful but not winning scramble this morning and a quick trip back down the highways and byways, George and I got back to the comforts of home and family. Tired, yes, but appreciative of the good times up north. I see that Sergio managed to lose the British Open and that Harrington almost lost it (I scanned the report - will read more later). Don't know how Tiger did. I hear that 11 under par won the K of C scramble this morning but have no idea which team took the honors. Guess I'll catch up on things as time goes by. Will go back to the clubhouse directly to post Community and USG League results and reports. Then maybe back home for a long rest in the pleasant surroundings of the house on the hill.

More later. The world still turns. So it goes.

Sunday, Sunday...

Up very early again and down in the lobby drinking coffee and toasting a bagel. Scramble in Logansport a little later, then the drive back to Loogootee...

The British Open

Sergio with his belly putter a surprise at the top at nine under. Tiger, Tiger, where are you?

The Cubs

They lose but so did the Brewers.

So it goes for now...

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Picture: The pretty young woman in the clubhouse.

VFW State Golf Tournament in Logansport

Pictures: Mike with the Wild Women of Richmond at the start of the VFW State Tournament in Logansport; Brenda, Jo and Cheryl cyphering at the end of play.

Only two VFW Post 9395 players at the tournament so, George and I, were farmed out to other groups that needed a stray to complete their foursome. Played our own ball today and will scramble tomorrow with today's scores providing the basis for the team construction. The Logansport Golf Club is way out in the country and is a tight, short golf course made even shorter when those men over 65 hit from the gold tees. On the majority of the holes, the gold tees were right there with the red tees. Made it easier for me to fire a par round of 71. Very enjoyable morning of golf.

Scramble and Skin Results


1. Trenton Kidwell, Greg Potts, Lary Hembree, Kevin Byron (-8)
2. Wayne Souerdike, Joe Allen, Lee Wininger (-5)
3. Mike Kidwell, Curt Johnson, Tony Wease (-4)
4. Tyler Kidwell, Todd Wilcher, Jon Roach (-3)


Players: Trenton Kidwell, Tyler Kidwell, Ward Smith, Curt Johnson, Tony Wease, Larry Hembree
Skin Pot: Split by Trenton and Tyler Kidwell

Saturday Scramble?

Well, down there a scramble for sure. In Logansport we play our own ball today and scramble tomorrow. And yes I am up and up early. Down in the lobby waiting to verify tonight's room and get a cup of coffee and a bagel. Out of here directly - got a 30-35 minute drive up the road then a search for the golf club of Logansport. Will check in later with Diane and see how things are going and have gone down at lovely Lakeview.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Traveling Man

In Kokomo and ready for golf in Logansport tomorrow morning. Dinner with George at the Texas Roadhouse just out the door and across the way about two minutes. Drive up was non eventful.

Did you get out and golf today? It was beautiful all day long and is even cool this evening - cool enough for me to wear a long sleeve jersey. September weather in July, a real treat.

Got my laptop into the frig here at the motel as soon as we arrived and it was ready to go by the time we finished dinner. Call it cyberspace on ice, or cooled cybering. And yes I did order a new cpu for it today. But the nicest thing is the speed, high speed internet connection, rapid. Verrrry nice.

Cubs win another, two and a half in back of 1st place Brewers. Cool.

Tomorrow Saturday Scramble at 8am. Guess one of the group will take charge and make up the teams. Expect Diane will be out there to help Sheryl get started and the scramblers if necessary. Have fun. Need a volunteer for a Saturday hole-in-one.

More Follies

On Broadband

As a country we are woefully behind some of the other countries in the world in providing inexpensive and fast access to the internet. Go here for an update and commentary on a promise made and a promise not achieved in any sense of the word. Frosts my gizzard (now where does that phrase come from?).

On the British Open

Sergio in at -6 after two days; K.J. Choi at -4; Tiger even with one to go for the day. Will an even par win? Just might; these bigguns have a way of getting a lot tougher on the weekend.

Friday Follies

Hey! It's a great day for almost anything. First thing, get your clubs and head out to the green place just north of town, take out a crooked stick and whack a white little sphere around for a couple of hours. Your whole day will be better for it.

On the Imperial Presidency:

White House claiming broader powers; Congress will not speak to anyone who might spill the beans. King George and his minions at it again, or still at it.

On the British Open

A guy named Boo is just one back of Sergio at the moment. Tiger yet to start his 2nd round.

On Laptops

My little buddy is acting up again. Guess I'll have to replace the CPU.

On the next hour or so

Taking the Jeep into Hoosier Auto and then stopping at The Cabin for breakfast. Will try to sit close enough to the liars table to catch some of the tall tales being passed around.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Wrap

Picture: Richard Swayze, Dick Barber, John Chapman just after finishing up Senior League play on #2 this morning.

-Cubs win again! A guy by the name of Bonds hits two homers in loss. Hmmm.

-Tiger gets favorable strange ruling. British tabloids all over the story. big deal - lets talk about the golfing... Did you read that Tiger had a 100 foot tap in for par on the 16th hole? His own phrasing.

-Bunch of rain at the golf course this afternoon. Have you noticed how green we are for middle of July?

-Head to Logansport tomorrow afternoon with George Foster. Playing in the VFW State Golf Tournament. (Need somebody to run the Saturday Scramble. Wayne?)

-The world continues to turn without our spending a lot of time thinking about it. Truly amazing.

So it goes for now.

Thursday Shot of the Day

Senior League results for this morning's event have been posted. The highlights/summary:

LAKEVIEW GOLF COURSE Fifty Plus League July 19, 2007 Event 13






Hole Prizes:

#3: Junior Byron

#7: Carroll Rayhill

#8: Mike Anderson

#9: Joe Gray

Low Net Individuals: Diane Bird (-5), George Foster, Carroll Rayhill, Dave Trinkle (-4's)

Low Net Team: Junior Byron and Pam Byron (65)

Low Gross Scores: Mike Anderson, Junior Byron (36's)

-Hats off to Diane Bird for best low net round of the day, a 31 or five under par.
-Tip of the hat to the three men who came in just behind Diane with 31's or four under par: George Foster, Carroll Rayhill and Dave Trinkle.
-Kudos to Mike Anderson and Junior Byron for the low gross scores of the day, nifty 36's.
-Sam Potts and Bob Norris blistered Rex Hudson and Jack Butcher in team competition, 11.5 points to 2.5 points, and strengthened their hold on the top spot but just slightly. Three teams within striking distance of first place.
-Charlie Sheetz continues to roll along, shot a net 34 and extended his lead over 2nd place Jack Butcher by ten points. Up by 110 points. Catchable?

Thursday Shot of the Day

In team competition today, number four is taking on number one with first place being there for the taking. That would be Bob Norris and Sam Potts playing Rex Hudson and Jack Butcher though I have heard that super sub Richard Swayze is standing in for Jack. Charlie Sheetz has a commanding lead in the individual competition. Fight for second? Too early to concede first place to Charlie. Sorry Charlie.

Best get to the golf course. Don't want to keep good golf waiting.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Heading to Bloomington in a little bit but first lunch and a perusal of a few blogs and a comment or two on last night's league play.

-Tracy Rayhill had his best round ever (38) and bested his partner Greg Potts by a stroke to boot.
-Tim Miller had magic on hole #1. His drive was right and short and he had about 200 yards to the pin; his second shot ripped through the trees at #2 tee box, waking up the Short Jeffers foursome, hit the bridge, came back right at Warren Atkison who had to duck to avoid being plunked; Tim's third shot landed softly on the green and gave him a fifteen foot putt for par. And yes he made it. The easy way to a par on one.
-Trenton Kidwell had a few loving brotherly things to say to Tyler before their rounds and then went out and shot a 37 to stay on top; Tyler and Mike bested him by a stroke.
-Dave Wininger had all sorts of reasons why he was going big with his game last night then went out and shot a league best 34.
-Joe Allen shot a nifty 39.
-Brent Courter and two super subs, Noah Callahan and Vic Wallace, had the best net rounds of the day with 30's.

On War and History

Here's part of the answer to my queries the other day about what was going on in the early '70's to end the war in Vietnam: from Kargo X at dKos who is quoting Charles Savage:

In December 1970, Congress passed historic legislation revoking the 1964 Tonkin Gulf resolution, which had authorized military force in Vietnam, and banning the deployment of ground troops in Cambodia. War opponents hoped Congress was on the verge of forcing a quick end to the bloody quagmire in Indochina.

"The president, in our judgment, now lacks legitimate authority to keep on prosecuting the war," said Senator Frank Church , Democrat of Idaho, in a 1971 speech. "Under these circumstances, a great opportunity is presented to Congress -- the chance to fill this constitutional vacuum with a disengagement policy that could help unite the country again."

War opponents' hopes were dashed. Despite signing the bills, President Nixon said he had independent authority as commander in chief to keep combat in Vietnam going. For the next two years, Congress failed to agree on further restrictions, and nearly 3,000 more American soldiers died. Nixon finally ended the war on his own terms with a cease - fire agreement in January 1973.

Wednesday Stuff

-Note the new item in the blog - a poll. Dave Wininger got his handicap back to zero with his 34 last night. Who's next to join the zero handicap club (ZHC for short)?

-Took my laptop to Kelly Markle yesterday afternoon and he called me last night with good news: it's up and running! Wow! Going to go pick it up now. I'm still finding it hard to believe that it is okay. Good little laptop, you're my buddy again. How could I have ever doubted that you would rise again?!

More later.

Tuesday Men Results

They are posted! Comments a little later.
Will try and post data in the morning. Might be a little misunderstanding of the rain policy and because of that those who considered today's event a 'rain event' will be allowed to finish and it will be posted next week. Today was never declared a rain event; rather it was a rain delay. Sorry for the confusion.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wow... That turned out ok - not the whole report but the important stuff...

Tuesday Shot of the Day

Website isn't letting me update again so will post it here and try it again at home...

LAKEVIEW GOLF COURSE Tuesday Men's League July 17, 2007 Event 15





Hole Prizes:

#3: Jr Byron

#7: Mike Bird

#8: Tyler Kidwell

#9: Dave Wininger

Low Net Scores: Brent Courter (29), Noah Callahan/Vic Wallace (30's)

Low Gross Scores: Dave Wininger (34), Mitch Jeffers/Phil Eyler (35's)

Average Gross Score 42.695 Prior 42.03 43.06 43.02 42.52 42.89 43.47 42.92

Average Net Score 34.915 Weeks 34.37 34.69 34.27 34.64 34.35 34.70 33.92


Total Current

Pos Team Name Points Points Gross Net Pars Birdies

1 CARR/PARS 564 41 96 68 3 5

2 TEMP/NOLA 514 15 94 72 11 3

3 BREE/BREE 503 33 81 69 7 6

4 EYLE/LYON 501 15 81 72 9 4

5 STER/MURP 498 4 98 77 10 1

6 WINI/STEI 498 55 80 66 11 4

7 KIDW/MUES 494 22 75 71 13 2

8 TRAM/MILL 493 96 84 8 1

9 ALLE/FODD 483 15 87 72 10 2

10 KIDW/KIDW 483 33 73 69 13 3

11 DOWN/STRA 482 60 77 63 10 6

12 LAMA/HARP 481 33 93 69 7 6

13 DRAK/WINK 479 15 94 72 9 3

14 ALBE/JONE 474 2 89 80 4 1

15 WEAS/HARD 474 10 94 73 12 2

16 BUTC/DOYL 474 41 81 68 5 6

17 SUMM/SUMM 472 41 85 68 3 9

18 BYRO/BYRO 470 41 82 68 9 4

19 SUTT/COUR 467 49 90 67 9 5

20 RAYH/POTT 461 49 77 67 4 10

21 PADG/BURR 456 8 81 74 6 4

22 HOGA/JOHN 456 55 85 66 5 7

23 ARVI/ARTH 452 27 86 70 3 4

23 WALK/ACKE 452 27 80 70 10 4

25 MCAT/SMIT 433 49 82 67 9 5

26 STUC/GILL 413 0 0 0 0

27 DIVI/JEFF 410 22 84 71 7 7

28 VOEG/ATKI 408 33 85 69 8 5

29 DENS/HOLL 391 22 87 71 7 6

30 GRAB/GRAB 390 58 81 65 8 6

31 CHRI/ADER 387 6 87 75 2 5

32 JEFF/ROAC 383 49 78 67 12 3


Total Points Gross Net Total Total Net Evt Hcp Hcp
Pos Player Points Evt 15 Evt 15 Evt 15 Pars Birdies Birdies Played Evt 15 Evt 16
1 KIDWELL, TRENTON 1112 40 37 36 70 10 49 15 1 1
2 STRANGE, DAVE 1081 107 40 31 35 1 45 14 9 8
3 DRAKE, JOHN 1061 96 42 32 33 41 15 10 9
4 LYON, CHARLIE 1056 17 46 38 33 6 42 15 8 8
5 BYRON, KEVIN 1045 81 44 33 24 2 44 15 11 10
6 PARSONS, KEITH 1040 40 50 36 20 35 15 14 15
7 JOHNSON, CURT 1036 68 40 34 40 6 38 14 6 6
8 NOLAN, DON 1036 17 52 38 11 2 30 15 14 15
9 FODDRILL, JOHN 1007 2 48 41 44 40 15 7 8
10 BREEDEN, MIKE 1001 40 41 36 44 4 30 15 5 5
11 MILLER, TIM 995 9 42 39 53 8 41 14 3 3
12 CARRICO, BILL 968 96 46 32 28 1 35 14 14 12
13 MURPHY, JIM 957 9 48 39 25 29 14 9 10
18 1 33 14 12 12
15 VOEGERL, TIM 929 81 41 33 42 7 38 14 8 7
16 WININGER, DAVE 905 81 34 33 67 22 37 14 1 0
17 ARTHUR, SCOTT 897 0
44 4 35 13 7 7
18 TRAMBAUGH, BRYANT 894 0 54 45 32 4 35 15 9 10
50 6 36 14 4 4
20 JONES, MARK 893 5 49 40 35 1 36 15 9 10
21 TEMPLIN, GEORGE 879 68 42 34 32 1 28 14 8 7
22 BREEDEN, JAY 878 81 40 33 41 38 14 7 6
23 KIDWELL, TYLER 870 81 36 33 49 13 28 13 3 2
24 STEINER, DAN 868 81 46 33 17 1 38 14 13 12
25 RAYHILL, TRACY 858 107 38 31 44 3 39 14 7 7
26 ACKERMAN, SKIP 845 81 39 33 46 2 32 14 6 5
27 LAMAR, GARY 844 96 43 32 17 37 13 11 9
28 JEFFERS, MITCH 834 107 35 31 46 11 29 11 4 4
29 KIDWELL, MIKE 834 40 37 36 76 17 27 15 1 2
30 BYRON, JUNIOR 833 57 38 35 57 14 33 13 3 3
31 DOWNEY, STEVEN 833 96 37 32 53 10 29 15 5 5
32 SUMMERS, KENT 831 17 44 38 33 2 33 13 6 7
41 5 32 14 6 6
34 JEFFERS, MARK 828 40 38 36 83 15 29 15 2 2
35 MUESSIG, WESTON 824 0 53 15 25 13 3 3
36 POTTS, GREG 820 40 39 36 52 13 35 14 3 3
37 HARDWICK, PHIL 810 40 51 36 10 1 30 13 15 15
38 ALLEN, JOE 809 107 39 31 29 3 29 13 8 8
39 HOLLAND, BUCK 800 40 48 36 26 2 33 14 12 13
40 SUTTON, LARRY 800 17 44 38 33 5 25 13 6 8
41 EYLER, PHIL 799 68 35 34 60 21 27 13 1 1
42 WALKER, JOHN 789 0
55 2 32 13 5 5
43 DENSON, DOUG 781 57 39 35 58 10 28 13 4 4
44 DOYLE, JOE 779 68 45 34 14 1 29 13 11 11
45 MCATEE, TOM 779 96 40 32 35 5 32 13 8 5
46 GRABER, NORMAN 772 96 40 32 39 3 26 13 8 7
47 GRABER, MARVIN 771 81 41 33 33 7 29 15 8 7
48 SUMMERS, KIRK 766 0
21 9 29 12 8 8
49 DIVINE, JACK 751 57 46 35 22 26 11 11 11
50 SMITH, MIKE 745 57 42 35 42 5 29 14 7 6
51 GILLEY, BOB 742 0
35 3 29 12 5 5
52 PADGETT, TERRY 738 40 38 36 62 10 23 13 2 3
53 STERLING, ROB 716 17 50 38 13 2 31 12 12 13
54 HOGAN, CHRIS 710 96 45 32 15 30 12 13 12
55 ADER, BRIAN 701 57 47 35 22 2 35 13 12 12
56 BUTCHER, TERRY 701 68 36 34 48 13 23 10 2 1
57 WEASE, TONY 676 26 43 37 36 2 32 12 6 7
58 BOYD, JON 654 0
34 8 24 8 2 2
59 ATKISON, WARREN 628 40 44 36 37 1 30 13 8 9
60 WINKLER, DEAN 613 5 52 40 14 2 28 10 12 12
61 BURRIS, GARY 579 17 43 38 31 2 22 10 5 7
62 ROACH, DEVON 579 40 43 36 20 2 20 10 7 7
17 1 16 7 8 8
64 JONES, KYLE 524 0
21 3 22 8 8 8
65 HAGER, JAMES 442 0 42 11 15 9 2 2
66 WININGER, LEE 429 0
24 2 23 9 10 10
67 WALTON, TYLER 387 26 41 37 36 3 13 8 4 5
68 ARVIN, MIKE 333 0
13 1 12 7 10 10
2 1 10 5 20 20
70 COURTER, BRENT 302 116 46 29 4 2 16 7 17 15
71 JOHNSON, RYAN 290 0
24 3 14 7 6 6
15 9 2 5 5
73 WALLACE, VIC 228 113 46 30 3 7 3 16 16
9 10 4 10 10
75 CRAWFORD, MITCH 217 0 14 1 13 6 10 10
76 STRANGE, DAVE E 199 0
6 8 3 11 11
77 STRANGE, JAKE 194 0
4 2 4 2 7 7
78 BUTCHER, JOSH 175 0
11 4 7 3 4 4
79 TROUT, MARK 165 0
5 7 2 12 12
80 CARRICO, DON 153 0 8 1 4 2 5 5
6 1 5 2 6 6
82 WAGLER, KERRY 145 0
6 3 5 3 5 5
83 KAVANAUGH, AL 131 0
7 1 4 2 5 5
84 GREGORY, DAN 129 0
3 2 1 20 20
85 POTTS, MARK 120 0 11 4 4 2 0 0
86 CALLAHAN, NOAH 113 113 41 30 5 6 1 11 10
5 1 1 4 4
7 1 2 1 1 1
89 HUDSON, KEN 62 0
6 6 2 8 8
90 BUTCHER, JACK 59 0 4 2 1 6 6
91 LYON, JEFF 59 0
3 1 3 2 10 10
92 BIRD, MIKE 57 57 38 35 6 1 1 3 3
2 2 1 9 9
94 LANNAN, DON 49 26 50 37 1 4 2 13 13